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Monday, May 15, 2017

Riding Yesterday

Went riding again yesterday morning.  We were out for about 2 hours and covered about 5 miles of open fields, woods, fallow farm land, mud, creek, and small but steep hills.  Both of the Mountain Horses did very well.  I rode my mare (Rocky Mountain) through 3 feet deep creek twice and she didn't skip a beat. First time we've done that together. The Bosses horse (Kentucky Mountain) just had to stop and play in the water, splashing around for a little bit.  Frankly, I have a better horse than I am a rider.

When arriving back at the barn, the Boss was very tired, and I was like the thanksgiving wishbone.  Don't tell anybody, but my only original hip joint was very sore last night.  I wonder how long before that one gets replaced.

I weigh 200 pounds (not including saddle) and I'm riding an animal that weight just a little over 900 pounds.  That's similar to me carrying about 20 - 25 pounds for that 5 miles.  No way I could do it.  The mare did it and didn't show any signs of getting tired.  Horses are amazing animals.

If we want to ride any farther and/or longer we'll need to plan it so we can have a rest stop.  There are about 27 miles of bridle trails in the park and 3 trail side rest areas.  Hope to take advantage of that in the future.

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