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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Being Flexible

As it happens we're too early in the season for horseback riding on this the east side of the park.  We did find a posted 1 mile hike, up hill, to a falls.  The Boss actually made it, with many stops to catch her breath.  Going back down was much easier.  Having to baby her back for quite a while has taken it's toll on her physical conditioning.

Today we had an automobile tour through the Black Feet reservation.  We learned a lot today about history and about the conditions today.  Learned stuff not taught in school.

Tomorrow it's back to the west side of the park.  We'll try to get a short horse ride in advance of the longer ride scheduled. We'd like to test the condition of her back.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Oh Well

We had scheduled a jeep tour on the east side of the park tomorrow.  After calling the guy about when to meet, we found that he has had licensing issues, so it's a no go.

So tomorrow we'll drive into part of the park on our own, and check out the possibility of a short horse back ride in the mountains.  This will test the Bosses back.  Not sure she can handle the 5 hour ride we've scheduled for later in the trip.

Subaru Rental

When we finally arrived in Kalispell Montana, we rented a brand new Subaru Outback with just 4 miles on it.  This thing has every bell and whistle offered.  After driving it about 120 miles I have a few comments.

The truck that I drive is a 2007, and the Bosses car is a 2008, so I've not driven a vehicle with all the fancy stuff before. 

- I like the backup camera feature.
- Mixed feelings about the built in GPS that shows your position on the screen.  It's nice, but it makes it a lot easier for 'big brother' to keep track of everywhere you go.
- I'd rather not have all the programmable stuff.
- It handles surprising well for having the center of gravity that high.
- Having to buckle your seat belt and press the brake peddle before the engine will start just plain sucks.
- The fuel economy is good but at an expense.
- It has poor acceleration and struggles on modest grades here in the foot hills.  Very under powered.

Personally, I would not buy one.

Hate Flying

We were on 3 different planes to get to Montana.  It was easier and not much longer flying to Poland a few years back.  Each plane was late leaving and Chicago was miserable.  The plane we were to board in Chicago was very late arriving so we were assigned a gate in a different terminal.  After we were there for a while we were once again assigned a different gate.  This time back in the original terminal, but at the other end.

Combining the uncomfortable seats in all 3 planes with the musical gates in Chicago, the Bosses bad back became extremely angry.  We made arrangement for her to ride between gates in Denver, but by them the damage had been done.

Since I'm retiring in a year, the 'friendly skies' can kiss by old ass.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Off to Glazier

The Boss and I have been into most of the rocky mountains, except for Montana.  Tomorrow we catch a metal bird to northwest Montana.  We'll be spending 2 weeks in and around Glazier National Park.  We have an all day jeep tour, and a float plane tour scheduled.  We had a 5 hour mountain horseback ride scheduled, but with her back issues, that may not happen.  We'll spend most of the time just enjoying the mountain views.

Our dogs are now in a boarding kennel, and we miss them already. 

Tomorrow her father will go into a similar facility for the elderly.  That may end up being a permanent location for him.  I hope so because she just can't take care of him anymore.

I absolutely hate flying.  Waiting in line for the stupid security scanning and then being crammed into a metal tube is barely tolerable for me.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Health - Not So Much

The Boss's oldest (both ways) friend had both knees replaced 2 days ago.  I saw the rehab the Boss went through with 1 knee replacement.  I can't even imagine what it's like to get both done at the same time.

The Boss has a an appointment Friday to get a spinal injection that's supposed to help with the pain and leg numbness in her leg from the abscess.  Hope it helps.  She can't ride her horse as of now, and I wonder if she ever will again.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bad Back

We've only been trail riding twice this spring. Usually sitting on a horse helps the Bosses bad back, but not now.  Both rides were rather short because her right leg went numb both times.  Last week she had a MRI and then saw the Doc today.  Apparently she has a bone abscess in her lower spine because the vertebrae are shifting around.  Just wonderful!

In about a week and a half she'll be getting some sort of an injection in her spine.  I suspect that'll be temporary.  I think spine surgery is in her future again. 

I don't know what this has to say about the future of us owning horses.  I suspect I'll keep my Rocky Mountain Horse regardless. The Boss wanting to ride got me hooked on trail riding too.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Truth ?

A coworker does his best to keep track of everything Israel.  He apparently listens to a broadcast that originates there.  He told me yesterday that the missels launched against a Syria biological weapons facility hit empty buildings.  They had time to move everything into an underground bunker.  Now someone dropped a bunker buster bomb on the place.  Apparently no country is claiming responsibility for this justified act.

So did we, the USA, screw up by telegraphing our intent, or was it planned this way to reduce the spread of the pathogens.  Then again, is this really a true story.