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Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Home Town

At one time Inland was a division of GM.  I remember that facility making car parts when I was growing up.  I also remember the spin-off from GM and later demise of that name and the buildings it occupied.  Now Dayton Ohio is the home of another manufacturing facility named Inland, near the original. 

Historically, Inland supplied the 30 Cal carbine, before returning to other manufacturing.  Once again Inland, at least the name, is making carbines as per the original specifications.  That's kinda cool.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Found It

The Boss finally found her phone.  It was in the corner of the recliner, deep enough that it was beyond feeling and sitting atop the mechanism.  She's been sitting on it the whole time.  Can we expect baby phones to hatch soon?

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Vet Evaluation

Had the Vet evaluate the mare last night.  She's still very gimpy but improving, slowly.  The Vet predicts mid summer before she's even close to her old self.  Also predicts that the mare will never have a normal rear end gate and she will never be an athlete.  She should be OK for trail riding late summer.  I'm good with that.

Elusive Phone

While the Boss was in worse shape than she is now, post surgery, she heard her cell phone utter the cry of battery death.  At the time she wasn't able to go and save it.  Days later we've both been looking for the elusive device.  So far no luck.  It has hidden itself very well.

Most men carry their phone in a holster on their belt.  It seems most women are inconsistent.  Some in a pocket, bra, bag or just left on the kitchen counter.  Men seldom loose their phone, and women seem to always be looking for theirs.  My sister spend a small amount of time looking for her phone while holding it in her hand.  Women generally don't wear belts, but why can't they carry their phone in a holster clipped over the top of their pants?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Every 3 Weeks

Took the mare out of the stall tonight for some time in the little paddock.  She absolutely refused to leave the barn.  Even rope smacks on the butt wouldn't make her move.  I thought that her hip was hurting more than usual.  After all it's not unusual to have rehab setbacks.

I attached her to a cross tie eye with a long rope and went about my business.  Then I noticed her walking decent to visit one of the geldings.  Man is she in heat, to the point of refusing to leave the boys.  I checked the calendar, and yep it's been 3 weeks.  Horses come-in about every 3 weeks.  Bummer.

Decided that it's not a good idea to try cleaning her hooves tonight.  Don't know if she can stand on 3 legs for the cleaning, or for the hoof trimming scheduled for tomorrow night.  Besides not interested in having her squirt on me.

The Right People

Dropped the 454 lever action off last night with a guy I know through work.  He's going to make the needed additional part so I can put a red dot on the rifle.  He's a big time gun guy and part owner of a shop that does excellent welding and machining.  Told him I'd pay the going rate for the work, but since he asked that I meet him at his house, I'd bet I'll get a reduced rate.  It's beneficial knowing the right people.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Girls are Healing

Both my girls are getting better.  The Boss went with me to get grain for the horses, though she drove around the store in a cart, DQ for sandwiches and ice cream, then about 3 hours at the stables.  She brushed her horse and cleaned his hooves, though with a couple of rest stops.

My mare was walking around in the little area beside the barn when we arrived.  Had to pay attention to notice her limp.

I'd say both of my girls are making progress, but I expect another month of rehab is required for both.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Rossi M92

A year or two ago I bought a Rossi M92 chambered for the 454 Casull.  It will cycle both the 45LC and the much more potent round without a hitch, and it's damn fun to boot.  My first ever lever action and chambered for one of my revolver rounds.

The only problem is that my old eyes do not appreciate the buckhorn sights that comes on the rifle.  If I concentrate I can bust a clay bird at 50 yards, but beyond that I'm hopeless with those sights.  Rossi claims to make a scope rail for it, and it's drilled and tapped for such a rail.  After more than a year I've yet to find one.

I occasionally deal with a small shop as part of my job.  Today one of the owners has agreed to help me get a picatinny rail on the rifle so I can mount a red dot sight.  I have a couple of rifles fitted with red dots and I find them to be a nice compromise between precision and speed.