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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Old Eyes - Bifocals

Years ago I was forced to install a red dot on my hunting revolver.  I couldn't see the deer and the sights at the same time.

The lever gun in 454 I bought last summer came equipped with traditional buckhorn sights.  I could probably hit a deer out to 100 yards, but not farther. Old eyes strike again.  Rossi sells a rail made to the barrel contour that mounts using existing tapped holes for their M92.  So far I haven't found one to purchase.  I intend to mount a small red dot optic where the rear sight now resides, if I ever get the rail.

And The Stupids Elected Him Twice

Eric Boling

The president who promised to fundamentally transform America has been busy fulfilling his promise. 
First, he started by twisting capitalism into a pretzel. A trillion tax dollars saved his donor pals at Goldman Sachs and his union buddies at General Motors under a "too big to fail" policy yet they blatantly threaten to bankrupt coal companies.
The free market was no longer free.
Then he got to work on health care.
President Obama -- in an 11th hour backroom deal -- strong-armed enough votes to get ObamaCare passed into law.
He had to do it when he did it because within months, he would lose the Democratic majorities he needed to pull off his political coup. And so health care in America was forever changed..
Next up.. President Obama took the laws of immigration  and shredded them to suit his liberal friends.
Forget what we the people have to say. It really doesn't seem to matter anymore..
Then came the one bastian of free speech, and the free flow of information.. the Internet. 
Net neutrality is giving big government big control over our Internet..
One FCC commissioner said this of net neutrality:
It's a "solution that won't work, to a problem that doesn't exist."
That's from inside the FCC. 
And now, there's an idea being floated by the president this week.
One that I think could be the most dangerous of all.
The administration wants to ban sales of certain types of ammunition. And once again the White House wants to do it in a way that bypasses Congress.
Remember, to ban the ammo is a sneaky way to ban the gun.
Folks, the most important rights our founders outlined in the constitution were freedom of speech and freedom of religion.
These are our First Amendment rights.
But in order to protect the First Amendment -- the founders were smart -- they gave us the Second Amendment.
The right to freely bear arms. 
We have the Second Amendment to insure the first. 
If the president is able to take over our Second Amendment -- the way he took over the free market, health care, immigration and the Internet, we will be administering the last rights to our first rights: free speech, religion and liberty.
The fabric of America is being shredded.
But it has to stop at the Second Amendment. 
It's up to us to demand that they keep their hands off our guns..
Or..  we risk it all..
Chew on that over the weekend.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Ice or Heat . . . . Not

A few decades ago the environmental scientists were warning of a new ice age.  There were even movies made about what would happen.  Then these so called scientists created a stir about global warming.  Then more recently the latest hysteria is called global climate change.

I recently read a report saying that the data supporting all this has been modified.  If true, this is nothing but a hoax designed to get money for research studies.

I have 2 big issues for this "climate change" issue.

A cousin of mine was part of an expedition to the arctic taking cored ice samples.  He told me that those samples show that fluctuations in the earths temperature have happened, almost cyclic, since long before recorded history.

I find it amazing that anyone actually thinks that man can change the climate of the earth doing anything short of many nuclear explosions.

Basically we should ignore the climate change fanatics, and not spend another penny on this false issue.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The King For President

I think we should elect the king of Jordan as US president.
I have a hell of a lot more respect for that guy than most of our elected dick-heads.

A Different Skill

Several years ago, when I first started shooting handguns, I was fortunate enough to work a few minutes from an indoor shooting range.  About every other week I would spend about 1/2 hour of my lunch break shooting my 357.  On several occasions a LEO would be a lane or 2 away.  The LEO was usually shooting slow fire at a target set about 10 yards away.  I was shooting slow fire at 25 yards.  I never once saw a LEO there that could shoot worth a damn, slow fire.  I came to the conclusion that LOEs are generally poor gun handlers.

Years later, in their defense, I realize they don't need to be precision shooters.  They need to put rounds on target, at moderate to close range.  On the other hand I personally met more than one who actually despised firearms, and refused to practice more than enough to qualify and never kept one in the home.

Slow fire is an entirely different skill than combat fire.  I spent years and years loading 357 ammunition for accuracy, and practicing at ranges some consider only for rifles.  My goal was to see how small a target I could hit how far away with a single shot.  Even today I shoot at targets in an area that the shooting range specifies to be for rifles only.  My targets are set at 50 to 200 yards.  200 is a stretch, but not 150 yards.

Unfortunately I suck at close combat fire.  As I said, that's a different skill.  Been practicing that a bit, but now my long range handgun skills are suffering.

The above came to mind because of this post. that I found here.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Grow a Set

Wouldn't it be refreshing if we had a president that actually had a set of balls, and a brain that functioned?  There's a world war and he's got his head in the sand hoping the storm won't do more than ruffle a few feathers.

Hope to God this nation will survive this presidency.