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Monday, September 19, 2016

Grow a Set

Once again the citizens have been attacked by some of a specific religion.  Once again the so-called leaders are downplaying the religious connection.  If the peaceful of that religion actually disagreed with the terrorist acts, I would expect them to police their own.  They have not. 

And I'm sick and tired of hearing the words 'extreme' and 'radical'.  The killing of non-believers is not only accepted but encouraged in their 'holy' book.  There's nothing at all extreme about it.

Being polite and understanding to a bully has never been successful in all of written history.  Evil does exist and it grows until stomped out.  It's time for this country to grow a set and stomp our enemies out of existence.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Once Again

Once again I didn't get there.  Spent most of Saturday following the Boss limping around a festival.  With her back aflaimed, she shouldn't have even been there.  Then today I cleaned stalls, mowed grass and then installed a new window air conditioner in the big room above the remote garage. 

The trigger finger has certainly been neglected this year.  Maybe 2 days of paintball this coming weekend will help.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Boss and Rowan

Red is Smooth

The Boss and the granddaughter went trail riding this morning.  The Boss on my mare, Red, and the granddaughter on her mare, that I've recently nicknamed "evil".  They were gone for 2 hours and the Boss said that Red was like riding on a cloud.  Yeah, wish I was there riding my mare instead of her.

That sounded a bit selfish, but true.  I was working in the barn, while they were having fun. 

The Bosses horse, Rowan, has all the symptoms of a popped splint.  We've been rubbing and wrapping his leg now for a week.  The swelling is almost gone, but we probably should wait another week or two before riding, even at a walk.

Her physical therapist told the Boss to ride this weekend, so she did and I didn't.  Apparently horse back riding is good for the Bosses bad back. I know it's good for her spirit and mine.

Rowan is a Kentucky Mountain Horse gelding, and Red is a Rocky Mountain Horse mare.  Rowan is 15 hands about 1050 pounds and Red is 14.3 hands and about 900 pounds.

Now if only I can get to the range for a couple hours.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Now You Know

If you pay any attention, it's been obvious for some time.  Well now one of the powerful has come out and said it directly.  The same one that preach tolerance are completely intolerant to anyone of disagreement.  If you do not bow to their view of how anything should be, you are despicable. 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

This and That

The weather and schedule finally aligned for some trail riding.  The Bosses horse seemed stiff when we started, then we turned around after going less than 1/4 mile.  Her horse was favoring one of his back legs.  It was a noticeable limp, especially on the paved road.  Looks like Vet time.

Unless I go by myself, somewhat likely, there won't be any riding until the Bosses horse heals. 

That was my first ride on the new Australian saddle, as short is it was.  So far I find it comfortable for me and the horse.

Yesterday and this morning I helped the property owner replace a section of fence.  The section that contributed to the demise of my TWH.  That accident will never happen again.

It's been months since making it to the range.  I hope to get there tomorrow, since it's close Monday.

Glad to see that Trump is improving in the polls and to see that some are finally seeing the light. He's not my first choice, but he beats the hell out of Hillary.  An additional 4 years of Democrat policies are bound to be catastrophic.

The Boss had knee replacement surgery last spring.  The knee area is a lot better, but the back issues that existed before, and made worse by the knee are really hanging in there.  She's been seeing a physical therapist that has recently been shoving needles into her, as well as digging into the tender areas.

She loves riding a horse, and when riding she has no back pain.  Not sure when she'll be able to ride her gelding again.

Friday, August 19, 2016

New Saddle

Ordered the new Saddle on-line last weekend and it arrived yesterday.  Fits the mountain horse very well, and is quite comfy.  Tried it on the mare tonight and sat on it in the barn.  No riding it as yet.

Got a Kimberly Trailmaster Australian saddle from Downunderweb.  Their suggestion as to size was right on.  I sent wither and back tracings and they adjusted the tree to fit my horse. I must say, excellent customer service. 

Now if the weather would cooperate, we'd hit the trails.