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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Wally World

Brought the Boss to a local Wally World today at her request.  What I didn't expect, but not surprised, to see a security guard making rounds.  Never seen one there before. The security guard, a woman, was not carrying a firearm.  So this is how the corporation is expecting to protect their customers?  Sure doesn't make me feel any safer.  Why bother?  Safety being an illusion anyway.  I think I'll just keep carrying my 45.

Range time is overdue.

Friday, August 16, 2019


I keep an inventory of my firearms with make, model, caliber, etc.  I haven't looked at it for a while, so I just finished updating it.  Wow!  I firmly believe that if you lock 2 guns in a dark closet, they will procreate.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Learned a Bit Yesterday

We made some changes to the plan on the fly yesterday.  I never got on a horse, but I learned something.

She saddled her Haflinger, and put a bit-less bridle on the mare.  Then I watched her lunge the horse, something I've never done.  She mounted and rode the horse while I held a long lead rope.  I removed the lead rope and she rode in a small area for about 15 minutes.  Everything went quite well, so I once again attached the lead rope and we went out onto the narrow country road.  I walked along with the loosely held rope while she rode the Haflinger.  Stationary earth moving equipment and mail boxes had no effect.  She dismounted and we both walked about 1/8 mile.  Several cars went by slowly and the horse paid little attention.  She called me a "spotter".  I was there to help if things went to hell.  This was only the second time anybody got on the Haflingers back.  A success.

We then went down the road where my Rocky Mountain mare is kept.  We put a side pull rope halter on her for the first time.  We took her to the round pen and my friend lunged and round penned her, explaining what she was doing and why.  Then I did it a little, but less successfully.  These exercises are supposed to help create a bond between horse and rider, but requires some repetition for the human to get a feel for it. 

I then saddled her and my friend rode her with me holding a long rope, and then without.  My mare has never been ridden without a bit before.  The halter kept riding up near her eye, which bothered her  lot.  I'll try a bit-less system again because this one was a bit large for her head.  I may have to stay with using a bit, but more gentle, because when she gets into her racking gate she holds her head more horizontal, and rein pressure will pull the halter up towards her eyes.

Sunday, August 11, 2019


A horse friend (the Crazy Lady) recently acquired a new horse that has never been ridden.  This afternoon a person will attempt to get on for the first time.  If that goes well I will be on her old mare to accompany Crazy Lady on the inexperienced horse for the first trail ride.The old mare, early 20s age is very calm.  The intent is to have a calm horse to help the new horse stay calm in a new and strange environment.

Saturday, August 10, 2019


There seems to be mass hysteria after the 2 shootings last weekend.  The media is fueling this by showing people wanting something to be done, and right now.  None of which would've made any difference at all.

In both incidents no civilian was available to return fire to reduce the shooters effectiveness, or possibly stop the shooter.  In both cases the bad guy was stopped by police, a good guy with a gun.

While news and generally people are so concerned by the above shooting, the carnage last weekend in Chicago is ignored.  I read that 66 people were shot in the windy city.  I guess that's been basically ignored because it's not all that unusual in a city with strict gun control laws.

On occasion I'm asked why I carry a gun.  I carry a gun every time I leave the house, and carry it until bed time. I sometimes carry even in buildings posted with no weapons signs.  There are evil people everywhere.  Personal safety is an illusion.  A few weeks back, a deputy sheriff told me he wished everybody carried.  I agree.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Better be Careful

I just read that some Dems are once again being vocal, and insistent about an outright ban on civilian ownership of firearms they call assault weapons.  In my opinion, if that should happen, the war of words will become more of the physical, violent type.  I for one will not tolerate such evil.

Seems to me that the far left actually wants violence so they can more easily take control of, and turn this country into communist.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Bees or Hornets?

Last Friday I went to the barn to clean stalls and hooves.  All 3 horses were in their stall munching hey, including our 2 mountain horses.  This is not a problem since both will move out of my way as I work.  The surprise was when I saw the Bosses horse.  He looked like this.

I called the Vets office and was told no one was immediately available to come.  As requested I e-mailed these pictures. I got an immediate return call recommending giving him 25 bennedril, and a vet will arrive at around 3:30.  At 3:30 the welts were noticeably reduced.  The vet theorized that he was attacked by a swarm of stinging insects, and felt this was not an allergic reaction, since his airway was not restricted.

He didn't act like there was anything really bothering him.  Horses are a lot tougher than we are, for sure.

So he got steroid IV and then 4 days of oral steroids.  The welts, even that huge one on his neck in the first picture, were all gone in 36 hours.

Maybe the Boss's physical ailments are contagious?