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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Dreaded Second Day

Ever notice that after overworking muscles, the second day after is by far the worse?
When your butt hits the ground coming off a horse, the same applies.
Been stiff and sore as hell all day.

The Debts That Cannot Be Paid

The way to honor our soldiers is to provide them with the tools, the training and above all the leadership they demand and deserve. We as a country have fallen far, far short on all those things.
Especially the last few years.

Go and read.  Much better written than anything I can articulate.

And thank every soldier you see for his/her service to our country.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Still Sore

Landing on the back part of my hip resulted in my butt muscle becoming stiff, swollen and very sore.
Now not as stiff or as swollen, but still sore.  I can walk OK, but going up stairs is still a little painful.
No riding today.  Did a few things around the house and took a nap.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Holster Fit

When I bought the holster for my Kimber I checked the fit by holding it upside down with the pistol in it.  It didn't fall out so I was good to go, and never gave it another thought. That was several years ago.  Today it was put to the test.

The Boss and I were on horseback today, learning our horses and how to control them.  An experienced horseman has absolutely no problem with either animal, but we have a bit to learn.  At one point my horse went to both front knees.  I don't know if something I did caused him to go down or if he just had a moment of clumsiness.  An experienced horseman rode him for a couple minutes with no issues, so I climbed back on with nothing but a very bruised butt. 

I went over his head, a bit to one side, landed on my hip and rolled.  I landed and rolled, and the gun stayed where it belonged.  I think that's good holster fit.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Right ON

Apparently John Lott was right about gun ownership here and the rest of the world.  For the most part at least.

We Must be Boring

The Boss and I went to the stables last night after dinner.  I cleaned stalls while she brushed and cleaned hooves.  As usual the horses behaved great.

So why even post about it?  We saddled up Rowan in the cross ties to adjust the girth and stirrup length for the Boss.  At one point I noticed that Rowan hadn't moved a muscle in a while.  Looking at his head, I noticed the cross ties were both tight and his eyes were closed.  He was supporting his head with the cross ties and taking a nap.  He's either very trusting, or we're boring as hell.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Home Again

We're back, safe and sound.  Back to work tomorrow.

Yesterday morning I went to the stables to clean the stalls.  Granddaughter must have been there a couple times in our absence, because they weren't in very bad shape.  Only 1 wheelbarrow load total from both stalls.  While there took a picture of the Boss's new horse Rowan.  He's a Kentucky Mountain Horse, very sweet and a smooth ride.  Yeah, he's a little too skinny, but that will change.