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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Not Likely

As usual the feds have created large issues when saying they are fixing a small issue.
And now the best fix is to repeal the original.  Not likely to happen.

New Aussie Pad

Just ordered a new Australian saddle pad.  The one I had slips too much to suit my poor riding skills.  A friend gave me an expensive pad, with a woven rubber underside, made for western saddles that fixed the slipping issue.  Western saddles are made quite different and for a thick pad between the saddle and the horse.  Australian saddles are designed around much thinner pads. 

The western pad solved a big issue for me, but created 2 small issues for the horse.  The thicker pad causes the saddle to pinch her shoulder a little, and leaves the sweat flat exposed to her skin.  As she walks with her long stride she bumps into the edge of the leather.  Occasionally she reaches back as if a bug is biting her.

Hopefully the new thinner pad, with ribbed rubber underneath, and reaches under the sweat flat will cure all of the issues.


It's now 2 weekends in a row without riding, mostly because of the hot wet weather.  Won't be riding next weekend either.  Heading out of town for a 4 day weekend.

Tough Job

Standing in front of the animals in the WH has to be one of the toughest jobs on earth.  Historically the presidents mouth piece doesn't last very long.  Representing Trump when all are thirsty for blood, has to be the worst. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Back around 1990, just before the 10 round magazine limitation went into effect, I purchased a Hi-Power and several extra magazines.  At the time I saw absolutely no need nor particular desire to own the pistol.  So why? Because big momma didn't want me to have one, and besides it was the only double stack pistol the even came close to fitting my hand.

The only issue has been the damn magazine disconnect.  It creates unnecessary trigger travel and a gritty feel.  I corrected mine by removing the shoe and blocking the trigger back.  So my Hi-Power has a shorter, crisper trigger with little take up. 

As stated in an earlier post, the Hi-Power is my second favorite auto-pistol.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Day Off

So took yesterday off to make this a 4 day weekend.  Crawled this old body out of bed and was on my horse before 8AM.  The Boss and I had a good ride, though mine was marred by one exciting moment.  At one point, while leading, my mare suddenly spooked and did an about face.  Came damn close to coming off of her.  Kinda hurt my arthritic left hip joint staying on her.  She went about 30 feet and then turned around again to check out the situation, so I collected myself and we continued the ride.

Don't really know what spooked her, but I have a suspicion.  Later we spotted a car leaving the edge of the woods.  I think a hiker may have been the trigger.

Makes me wonder how long I have until I have another hip replacement. 

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Old School Pistol

Slept in a little this morning instead of getting up early to beat the heat riding a horse.  Did a couple of things around the house, then headed to the range.  Yep, it's been a while.

Ran into another elderly guy who is also a fan of the old school pistol called the 1911.  We both agreed that the design is extremely easy to shoot well.  Of all the various handguns I've ever fired the old JMB design works best for me.  The second best, for me, is another old school design called the Hi Power.  I spent some time with it today.

Looking at pure accuracy, I've been below my demonstrated standard for a few years now.  I'll blame it on old age and spending more time with the horses than with shooting irons.  But still, my combat accuracy is quite adequate.  Shooting quickly a clay targets, switching between 25 and 50 yards was satisfying.  The bullets struck within a couple inches, if not hitting, the clays all the time, even at 50 yards.

I didn't try any shooting one handed.  Didn't want to embarrass myself, though no one would notice but me.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Every now and then I'm reminded by circumstances that everything in this world is a compromise.  In the post below I'm expressing how much I like my mare.  She does have a down side . . . she's a she, and with all mammal she's, she goes batty on a regular basis.  With horses that is about every 3 weeks, for about a week.  So she's an excellent trail horse 2 of 3 weeks.  Compared to other mares she's not all that bad.  If she can be pried away from the boys, she'll be jittery, not very responsive to the rider and sometimes extremely stubborn.

Early in the spring I started giving her hormone injections every 3 weeks that are intended to stop her cycles.  About 1-1/2 weeks ago she had her first cycle of the year, so we didn't go riding.  Apparently that will happen occasionally.  If I was retired, I'd probably not give her the medication, and just track her cycles.

As I said, everything is a compromise.  In this case I believe the good outweighs the bad.