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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

TWC Sucks

At our last house we got away from Time Warner Cable because their equipment was continually going bad.  We switched to AT&T Uverse.  We got stellar service from them for several years.  Then we moved here, where Uverse is not available.

So for a couple of years now we've been back with TWC for internet, TV and phone.  Until a couple of weeks ago everything was fine, but not now. Any TV channel listed as HD, whether through their HD box or not tends to break up.  Frequently it's so bad that we can't watch the show at all.

So now we're contemplating a change.  The Boss wants to dump all TWC service to our house and get Direct TV for TV and one phone line.  The phone is for her father, and we'll just use our cell phones.  We'll be without internet connection at that time.  The satellite and phone line connections are not nearly fast enough for us, we've been spoiled a little.

She says we'll go back to TWC for internet when a deal becomes available. 

If this happens, I'll be dark as far as posting is concerned, for an unknown time period.  I suspect that won't be very long, because the Boss pays our bills on-line.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

From Our Last Ride

I ride the black & white Walker on the left.  15.4 hands, 1100 pounds.
The Boss rides the red Mountain Horse on the right.  15 hands 825 pounds.  He was quite thin when we got him.  He's put on weight, needs a bit more, and also needs more exercise.

That was a short ride due to the heat and flying insects along the brushy trail.  Took this picture with my phone during a break.  This state park has trail side rest stops for riders.  This one was near old farm buildings surrounded by corn fields.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

House Predators

Not only are our dogs carnivors, but they're killers as well.  The husky/sheppard kills birds, moles, frogs, snakes and rabbits,  Though he only eats the rabbits, then upchucks in the house.  The little shiba isn't such a prolific killer, but she did team up with her larger brother today and got a bird out of a low bush and ate it.  She also catches insects and eats them.

Cats and dogs, domestic or not, are definitely predators.

Violent People

There's enough guns in this country to arm almost our whole population, yet with every lunatic killing there is talk of outlawing all firearms.  Those folks are just about as crazy as the killers.  That way of thinking has worked so well with alcohol and drugs you know.

There are crazy and violent people all over the world.  That's the human species.  It's always been that way, and all the eutopian wishfulness can't change it.  Has there ever been a time without conflict somewhere?  I think not.  Will there ever be a time without war or murder?  Not a chance.

Accepting this reality is difficult for some and impossible for others.  Once reality has been accepted, logic dictates that the willing be able to violently protect the unwilling and unable.  We need to eliminate the soft targets, all soft targets.  We must allow the violently protective to do that which they are inclined.  That's how to save lives from the killers.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

There is Hope

At work we have 2 co-op engineering students earning a little money and gaining experience.  By experience I mean learning that an academic degree is just a start at becoming an engineer.

One of the 2 has been quizzing me about various firearms, and in particular the AR.  In particular he is planning to by one.

The other student knows very little about firearms, but frequently asks me about them.  He is definitely interested.

There is hope for our future.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

No Shooting Again

Way too much going on and hotter than hell.  If I'm sitting in the shade and it's 80F, I'm on the verge of sweating.  It's been about 90F for the last few days and it's predicted to stay that way for several more days.  Most want warmer temperatures when they age, but not me.  The older I get the less heat tolerance I have.

The Boss has several physical issues that keeps her in pain most of the time.  When we're at the stables messing with horses or being rather pathetic horse riders, she's pain free.  In addition any stress that I'm feeling seems to disappear.

Yesterday morning we were on our horses by 9AM, trying to beat the heat.  Rolan, the Bosses red gelding, got spooked on the road when a mail delivery jeep went by.  Neither horse is vehicle shy, but Rolan didn't like the yellow flashing lights in the least.  Naturally, when Rolan spooked, so did my big gelding.  Thankfully neither got really crazy and we were able to control and calm them down.

Later Rolan got spooked again by something unknown to us.  He started dancing and trying to run.  He almost lost the Boss but she hung on and eventually got him settled down.  While all of that was happening, my gelding Toby, pranced, spun and wanted to run after them.  I managed to keep him under control, but barely.

All this happened in grass between corn fields in open farm land.  There was a horse riders rest stop close by so we all took a break. 

After the 4 of us rested we continued on the trail into a brushy area.  The horses started shaking their heads to rid their faces of flies.  They were so irritated by this that we turned around and headed back to the stable.  When we got back all 4 of us were wet with sweat, and it wasn't noon yet.

Each time we ride we become a little bit better at riding, and learn something about horses.  The horses are also getting accustomed to us.  For instance, my gelding Toby doesn't try to walk as fast as he did when behind Rowan.  I also noticed that the Boss and Rolan are bonding.

I have been and will continue to sacrifice range time to be with the Boss and the horses.  It's good for her, and probably for me too.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ride Walk Ride Repeat

We were on horses today for a couple of hours.  Actually the Boss was.  I was there but not always on my horse.

We rode down the country road and the Boss had problems.  Her horse got his tongue over the bit and became almost uncontrollable.  I got off my horse and fixed her problem, but now I had a problem of my own.  My short stubby legs and old stiff body wouldn't let me get back on my horse.  So we walked farther down the road where a horse owning lady we know lives.  I used a chunk of fire wood as a step to remount.

Later on the trail I had another problem.  We ended up on a narrow trail with brush at horse head height.  Being on the taller horse I had to shift my body around to avoid the brush.  All that movement loosened the saddle.  Then the horse decided to walk a different path than I wanted and I had to lean way to one side to keep from being impaled by a broken limb.  Yep, I hit the ground as the saddle rolled to one side.  Now I was walking again. 

While on foot I fixed the Boss's horse bit again because the horse's tongue was back on top.

I found a small dirt pile to use as a step but try as I would, the horse refused to stand still next to it.  I yelled at him and smacked him a few times and he stood still for a short time but not near my improvised step.  I managed to barely stretch my leg enough to just get my foot in the stirrup and managed to haul myself up in the saddle. I couldn't have done that if I hadn't spent time in the saddle  stretching my groin.  Yeah, as I write this I'm a little sore.

Fortunately the return trip was without incident and was rather pleasant.