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Sunday, December 14, 2014

More Fun With The Lever Gun

My first experience with the Rossi M92, 454 was not really very good. A pin going through the bolt worked loose jamming the action.  I was shooting 300 grain Hornady XTP Mag in front of 31 grains of H110.  My Super Redhawk spits those out at a little less than 1600 F/S.  The M92 launched them at around 2200 F/S.

After re-installing the pin I loaded some 240 grain XTP Mags.  When I finally managed to get some.  I usually load them with 33 grains of AA#9 for 1800 F/S from the Ruger revolver.  Being concerned that the M92 might be over pressured, I loaded them with 31 grains of AA#9 this time.  Velocity from the Ruger averaged 1656 F/S, a reduction of 150 F/S.  The M92 launched them at an average 2142 F/S.

I ran about 40 rounds through the M92 without any signs of pressure issues, and the action remains very smooth.  Next time I'll go back to the original 240 grain load.

I'd like to tell you about accuracy, but I can't tell much with my old eyes and old fashioned irons.  If I can get my eldest son to the range, he'd get us a better idea of how accurate it is.

It'd be a shame to ruin the trim lines of that rifle, but I need one of those small red dot sights mounted in place of the rear sight.  Since I put a 2X scope on my side lock muzzle loader, I guess I can put a red dot on a lever action.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Help Himself, I Wish

We have a few grandchildren that really aren't blood relations.  They are ours just the same.  They've all lived a less than stable life, especially the oldest, a boy.  When he was a toddler, his mother and new sister left him with us for the weekend.  She came back for him a few months later.  We considered filing for custody, but the law being what it is we knew that would be futile.

So now the kid, 19, is all messed up.  He dropped out of school and has been bouncing from "friend" to friend for a place to sleep.  When they kick him out he wanders back home and stays just long enough to violate the rules of the house, and then gets kicked out of there.

A few weeks back he asked to stay with us.  The Boss and I agreed to try and help him dig himself out of his hole.  He lasted about 2 weeks.  He knew that we were locking the doors at 11PM.  If not back by then, then stay out 'til 8AM.  We're not doing the late night coming and going games.

The first violation involved leaving all the doors open and less fuel in my truck. 

The second time he came home just before 11, and then again around 2:30AM.  The second time he had a girl with him.  He didn't have a house key, so he left a window and back door unlocked when he left.  He was rather surprised to see me standing in the kitchen doorway.

He's lost his drivers license, and has yet to see a judge regarding arrest for sleeping in a park.  He got a temporary job, who knows how long that will last, and is driving a friends car without a license.

He's gone now.  Maybe some day he'll decide to get his life in order, if not jailed or dead first.  If he tries, we'll help.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Need Boxes

I ran across 2 bags of virgin 454 brass the other day.  Forgot I had them.  So having the other components I started to prepare them for loading.  Problem.  Not enough ammo boxes.  I have 4 boxes, one containing 45 Colt cartridges, the others are full of 454 ammo.  Normally, that would be plenty for the revolver shooting I do.  But now that I have a rifle as well, more ammo is desirable.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Way Too Much Turkey

The worse thing about Thanksgiving is the Monday morning after.  I don't think there's enough coffee in the world to get me through the fog.

Runner up is the turkey.  I like to eat turkey, especially the dark meat, but my intestinal track objects, a lot.  I pay the price as do the noses of all that are near.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Slow Learner

Apparently I'm a slow learner.  It just occurred to me why The Wannabe kept Biden as VP during the last election.  The Wannabe is safe because Biden would be worse.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Touchy Shoulder

Got to the range yesterday for about an hour. It's been . . . . well . .  a long time.  Surprisingly, even my weak hand shooting wasn't as bad as I expected.  Tried some Redhawk 454 rounds at 200 yards.  Now that was pathetic.

Did OK with the Ishapore and 454 lever gun.  I must have held one of them wrong, because my shoulder is a bit touchy.  The 454 lever cranker has more recoil than the 308 Ishy.  For extended shooting, it could use a better recoil pad, especially when launching 300 grain bullets.

Damn Horse

The Boss is still limping from her knee surgery, combined with her bum back, and the granddaughter has been poor at taking care of the horse.  Spread over several days this last week I dug and hauled 16 loads of packed horse crap using a wheel barrow from the stall.

The horse is a small mare that today was in heat.  And she sure was bitchy.  With help I managed to clean packed crap out of her hooves.  Three cleaned well and the fourth sort of clean.  I was once told that a horse can't kick sideways.  That little mare managed to do it anyway.  She pulled her leg from my grasp, kicked to the side and caught me on the side of the knee, shoving me into the near wall.  Glad I didn't have much weight on that leg at the time. Nothing but a bruise, thankfully.