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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Predicter of Darkness

 Biden predicted a "dark winter" referring to covid, I think.  I think he would've been better served by predicting a dark four years. That's typical of a democrat controlled federal government, consistent with recent history.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Government Sucks

I'm a retired engineer who never lived up to my means. That means we didn't spend on a lot on things or go out very often. I invested the extra. Our children are grown and have children of their own. Our vehicles and home have been paid off for a long time. I don't owe any money to anybody, and my income is now just a little less than when I was working full time, and we're not spending all of our present income. 

So why in the hell did I get another "stimulus" check?  Sending it to us isn't going to stimulate anything!  If government had any smarts a programmed search by the IRS would rule out folks like us and give the extra to those who actually need it. But nooooo, that makes too much sense.

Over the years I've worked at small and large companies. The small companies, without exception, were more limber and efficient. Our federal government has grown way too large and inefficient. It needs to be cut in half, with some authority moved to the states and most of the rest eliminated. Maybe then the Fed would do what was intended and stay the hell out of our pockets and lives. Unfortunately it will never happen because the DC criminals are way too addicted to the power.


On another subject, I'm making some adjustments in our portfolio. I'm anticipating the usual high taxes and poor economy associated with Democrat controlled federal government and rampant inflation. I'm moving a portion of my IRA from stocks to cash. That will make it less painful withdrawing additional money in the future (inflation) as stocks fall in value with higher taxation (Democrat economy).

Friday, January 8, 2021

Some Thoughts

 All things considered the Boss is doing well after knee replacement surgery Monday. I predict that in a couple of months she'll be without pain, even back pain. Contrasting with her sister and brother in law. They never recovered back to normal due to not putting in the necessary work and being inactive.


Contrary to what's reported by the corrupt media, there is plenty of evidence that the presidential election was rigged in several states. The 'deep state' and the Democrats managed to get rid of the hated Trump, and they did a damn good job of it. After all if you can't be bought, anti-socialism/communism and put this country first, then you're an evil person that must be attacked in every way possible.

Let's hope that the Dems don't screw this up for us all as bad as I think they will.


As reported this morning the unemployment rate is 6.7%. Because of the way the data is collected, the actual unemployment is always a bit higher. In my life I've seen unemployment numbers this high and higher, with Dems setting policy, and without the China virus screwing up the economy. Now it's bound to get worse.


For years now, those of us who believe in personal liberty, life without government interference, equal opportunity (not equal results) and putting our country at the top of the priority list have been treated as stupid or even evil. And for years we've politely tolerated being kicked around. Our elected officials, in general,  have either been bought or are without the spine to stand up to the left. Maybe, just maybe those on the right have had enough and realized this is a war.


The DC riot is being blamed on Trump supporters. This 'mostly peaceful' demonstration probably consisted of a lot of angry citizens protesting the election results, with good reason. The violence may or may not have been by Trump supporters, regardless of what is being reported. The under reported bombs found by the RNC and DNC headquarters makes me wonder. Could the violence have been by members of ANTIFA?  That group that is the opposite of what their name says and intent on tearing down the very fabric of this once great nation.


According to my Marine son, the DC riots are nothing to what may happen if the Dems pass a lot of their gun control wish list. I agree. Keep your powder dry.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Knee Surgery

 Tomorrow morning I'll be dropping the Boss at the surgical hospital for knee replacement surgery, then heading home. That will result in her second replaced joint. We have high hopes that once healed her lower back pain will go away like her knee pain.  So I'll be spending 24 hours a day as her personal and loving slave for several weeks.

She'll be spending at least 1 night after surgery. It really sucks that I won't be allowed to be there with her. Damn China virus!!

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Yes There Was Fraud

 This last year will be a stain on the history of this country for decades. The Chinese attacked the world with a new virus that not only disrupted our thriving economy, exposed the dictator tendencies of various politicians and was used as a basis to steal a presidential election.

 I wonder if this republic will rebound.

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Loading my Own

 I'm one of those weird people that actually enjoys loading my own ammo. Back around 1980 I purchased a RCBS single stage press and associated equipment to load 357 Mag ammo. Other than a 22lr rifle and 20ga for hunting, the 357 revolver was the only gun I owned. I justified the reloading gear based on saving money for ammo. I was wrong. I spent more time shooting instead. Decades late I'm still using the same gear.

I started as a small game hunter like my father, but guns became a hobby, and over the years I acquired several more. One of my favorite things is to find the right bullet, powder, velocity combination that is the most accurate in a particular weapon. Sitting at the loading bench is relaxing, whether building something new or assembling a tried and true combination.

The other day I said that I was good as far as ammo and components are concerned. While that is true, it bothers me that I only have 200 large pistol primers and can't find any more to go with the 500 45acp bullets.  That really shouldn't bother me sine I have 650 45acp cartridges loaded. When the inventory gets cut in half, I'll just have to shoot more 9mm, long guns and revolvers.

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Tattered Flag

 For a couple of decades I've flown our flag in the front yard.  When it got tattered from the wind I would replace it.  The flag takes more of a beating, due to wind, where I live today.  The red and white stripes keep getting shorter. Right now they're almost to the blue field. I have decided to not replace it for a while, because it represents the state of this once great country.