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Friday, August 19, 2016

New Saddle

Ordered the new Saddle on-line last weekend and it arrived yesterday.  Fits the mountain horse very well, and is quite comfy.  Tried it on the mare tonight and sat on it in the barn.  No riding it as yet.

Got a Kimberly Trailmaster Australian saddle from Downunderweb.  Their suggestion as to size was right on.  I sent wither and back tracings and they adjusted the tree to fit my horse. I must say, excellent customer service. 

Now if the weather would cooperate, we'd hit the trails.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

He Has a Set

of balls that is.  That in itself scares the crap out of those that don't.  If he doesn't learn to hold his tongue a little more, we're bound to get 4 more years deeper into the Democratic mess.

Saddle Coming

Haven't been riding in a couple weeks, mostly due to horse flies, deer flies, humidity and heat.  Even without those issues I wouldn't have gone because of poor saddle fit.  It fit my deceased TWH OK but not the new Mountain Horse.  Don't want to chance messing up a good thing.

Ever since the last ride I've been researching saddles.  Sent tracing of the horse's back to a couple of places for recommendations at $1,000 or less.  Then searched on line for anything used.  In a western saddle I need a 17 inch seat.  Not many out there.  The same for an 18 inch Australian.

Finally decided to go Australian.  The Kimberly Trailmaster.  I rode an Australian another time, and though it was too small for me, I liked it.  The Kimberly is adjustable, and will be adjusted for my horse based on the tracings I sent.  So in a week or two I'll have a new saddle and be able to ride again, weather permitting.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Minutes Away

Driving down a little country road with the wife and grandson as passengers.  At the top of a small rise I see 2 guys off to the left signaling me to either stop or slow down.  I slow down, as I top the rise I see a couple of cars stopped in the oncoming lane.  There are 3 people off to the left and 2 to the right and 1 in the center next to the cars.  I slow down some more.  At the same time as I see it the wife yells "he has a gun".  The guy in the center of the road is pointing a revolver towards the 3 people to my left.

I put it in reverse, back up and turn around in a driveway.  I see the first guy I saw on his phone, so I got the hell out of there.  About 4 miles down the road I pull into a station for fuel.  As I'm standing there pumping gas a sheriff car, lights and sirens, goes by.

It's true.  They're only minutes away.  In this case at least 5 minutes.

Thankfully I didn't need to use the 45 on my hip, the one under the seat, or the 380 the wife carries.  I've been carrying ever since, and a few times before, it became legal here in Ohio.  That's as close as I've come to needing to use it.  May it never happen.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Just a Dream

I have a T-shirt that reads BAN IDIOTS NOT GUNS.  Got me to wondering what would happen if idiots were in fact banned from this country.

I'd estimate that the population would be reduced by about half.  All Democrats, all politicians, 80% of high level government employees and perhaps 30% of Republicans would have to leave the country. 

One can dream.

Bugs & More

Saddled up at about 7 yesterday morning to beat the heat.  We were back in the barn at about 8.  We beat the heat, but not the horse flies and deer flies.  At one point I counted 6 deer flies chewing on my horse's neck at the same time.  She didn't freak out, but was certainly anxious to get out of there. 

I think we'll probably skip the trail riding for a while.  The heat and high humidity has invigorated the small flying carnivores.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Second Ride

Riding this morning for another 2 hours.  Red tested me a little in the beginning, but quickly settled down.  At 1 point a small tree limb plucked my hat from my head.  I turned her around, got off, fetched my hat, then got back on.  Not an issue at all.

A very short steep slope was not an issue for the mountain horse, but not as easy for me.  I leaned back but not enough.  She hesitated at the bottom and I almost pitched over her head.  I didn't have my feet far enough forward.

She's a fine horse.  I still want to learn how to ask her for the rack.

Two hours was plenty for me.  Butt is a little sore, and definite groin pull.  Damn stiff as I write this.