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Thursday, January 23, 2020

3 Days, 3 Doctors

Tuesday I took the Boss for her spine surgery checkup. So far all looks good.  We were told that total healing takes from 9 to 12 months. She might be able to trail ride again in May.  We'll know more after her checkup in another 3 months.

Yesterday she got injections for her leg bursitis.  That's an ongoing issue.

Then today we took the little dog to have stitches removed after her knee surgery of 2 weeks ago.  The Doc said all looks good.  In another month she'll get x-rays to verify it's healing ok.  And that'll be 9 - 12 months for total healing.

I think all the females in my life are lemons, and the warranty ran out.  Even my horse tends to get thrush.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

32 Mag

Read an article the other day about the Charter Arms revolver chambered for the 32 H&R Mag.  It has a 3" barrel, designed for carry and holds 7 rounds.  In my opinion this is a better option than a 38 Spl holding 5. Terminal performance of this 32 is no slouch either. The down side is the availability of ammunition.  Since I roll my own, that's not a big issue for me.

I'm not about to switch my carry piece, a Kimber Ultra Carry 45, any time soon.  For me, single action pistols are the way to go.  But if I was interested in another revolver, it would look good next to my C.A. 44 Spl.  If you're only going to have have 5, they might as well be big.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Dog Home

Brought the little dog home today after knee surgery.  Now six weeks of medications and keeping her quiet combined with motion therapy.  Gonna be a pain in the ass, but the Boss really loves that little dog, so it's worth the effort.  We also spent an entire month of SS payments for the surgery.  It's worth that also.

Emotional Therapy

Every 2 or 3 days I go to the barn and clean the 2 stalls.  It might seem strange that a college educated individual does not mind shoveling horse crap, cleaning hooves and brushing the horse.  In fact I mostly enjoy the time around the horses.  I find spending time in the barn with those large animals to be quite relaxing, just me and the horses.  Emotional therapy.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

More Crap

Our little Shiba-Inu was scheduled to have her other knee surgically repaired this Tuesday.  The surgical Vet called with the pre-surgery blood test result yesterday. He's not sure, but he thinks the little dog could have cushings disease. So the surgery has been postponed.  Based on some internet searches, if the disease is confirmed by our regular Vet, she'll most likely get put down.  That is a terrible disease for her to endure.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

In 3 Seconds

According to the video I saw, it took 3 seconds after the first shot fired for the good to draw his weapon and end the bad guy. Church shooting in Texas.  It took about the same amount of time for most in attendance to start taking cover.  A few never did.

I carry whenever I leave the house. Hope I never find myself in that situation, but if so, hope I do as well.

Dial 911 and wait for help?  Good luck with that.

Hoping for Improvement

Starting in 12/2018, the last 13 months have bee shit, shit and more shit around here. It started with the father-in-law passing and ended with the wife's fourth surgery.

Hopefully 2020 will be better.  One can only hope.