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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Personal Benefit

Since Trump took office my place of employment is experiencing exceptional business increases.  The existing facility is bursting at the seams with machine tools and people.  There is such optimism that another facility is in the works and plans to hire hundreds.

On a personal note, I received a significant raise in pay and an unusually high bonus, in addition to the increase in net pay due to the federal tax cuts.  On the down side, the federal government is getting more out of my wallet.  During and after the Reagan era tax cuts the Feds had an increase in revenue.  So I wonder why the looney left is always against anything that benefits 'we the people'.

Much better

It seems like an eternity, but I'm finally feeling close to human again.  The flu is long gone, and after 2 series of different  antibiotics the sinus infection has finally been beaten.  I still have some lingering sinus drainage and cough.  And the vertigo has subsided.

Brought feed and stall bedding to the stables today.  First time I've been there in a while.  The owners teenage grandson has been cleaning our two stalls without being asked.  He's a good kid so the Boss slipped him a 20.  I think she paid him another time as well.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Feel Like Crap

Just under 2 weeks ago the flu hit me like a big truck slamming into a tumble weed.  That was immediately followed by a sinus infection, that I'm still fighting now.

And to add insult, my pickup truck is also sick.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Guns & School

After the Newtown school shooting, the Buckeye Firearms Association joined with the Tactical Defense Institute and supplied active shooter training to any school employee who applied.  This was done free of charge to the applicant.  They had 1,000 applicants for the first 20 training spots.  I don't know how many were trained, but I bet it was a bunch.

I took a weekend shotgun course at TDI a few years ago.  That readers, is a first class operation.

After the training got a good foothold, the state attorney general announced that trained employees could carry in schools if approved by the local school boards.  So the state law was changed based on the reality of our times.

I haven't heard of any issue with school employees carrying concealed weapons in the state.  And I have not heard of any school shootings either.  I do wish all schools would follow this example.  I'd feel a lot better about my grandchildren being in school.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Not Much Difference

So this year Trump will be pushing for infrastructure spending of about $1T.  How does that get paid for?  More dept for our kids?  How about quit giving money to third world countries?  Or how about reducing the size of government? 

Doesn't seem to much matter, both parties have no issue with steeling from the citizen and spending.

Mud & More Mud

The problem with where we keep our horses is that there are too many horses for the acreage.  So basically, the pasture is at least 60% dirt.  So there's no grazing, and with the thaw and rain it's a big mud hole.  The owner has kept them in their stalls for the last few days for fear that slipping in the deep mud would cause an injury.

Continuous grazing and the resulting continuous movement is healthier for horses than standing in a stall with hay twice a day.  It's also a lot more work for me, especially with the deep mud between the barn and the crap pile.  And both horses tend to get thrush standing in their own waste.

So we've been keeping our eyes open for another place to purchase with at least 2 acres of pasture. The down side will be likely remodeling and a horse trailer to purchase.  We don't need a trailer now because of the proximity to the bridle trails.