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Saturday, September 26, 2020

New Judge

 So today Trump nominated a judge who supposedly interprets the constitution as originally intended, and not what someone wants it to say.  That's good for the country.

I'm sure the left disagrees.

Let the games begin.

Knee Help

 So I saw a knee Doc 8 days ago and he sent me home with instructions for some exercising. I still have some swelling but it looks to be getting a little better.  These exercises have shown me that muscles in my my right leg never fully recovered after hip replacement surgery 8 years ago. Those are also showing signs of improvement.  

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Delayed Reaction

In the middle of June my horse stumbled and fell with me. Her shoulder was on my lower right leg, bending or twisting (maybe both) my knee in a way it was not intended to move. Immediately after and for almost 3 months all I had was a little tightness, but no pain in that knee.  

For the last couple of days I feel the tightness in the morning, but that changes as the day progresses.  I know feel soreness and tightness behind the knee when straight, and just above the knee cap when bent. Sometimes on the inside of the knee as well. I'm also getting what feels like a liquid bubble near the right lower edge of the knee cap.  The pain is not what I'd call intense, but it has me a little concerned.

This morning I cleaned stalls and went after grain for the horses. I had planned on going to the range afterward, but changed my mind. The knee seems to be getting worse not better.

I'm getting it checked out in a couple of days

Friday, September 4, 2020

Clean & Lube

After our trip to Virginia I've decided to clean and lube all of my semi-auto firearms.  So far I've attacked both of my carry guns, the bedroom 12Ga, the Keltec sub2000, and today the AR15.  Next will be the SKS and CETME followed by several handguns.

I've been negligent this past year.  Time to maintain the tools.

First Ride in A While

The Boss and I went for a very short horse ride in the park this morning.  Was our first in 3 or 4 months.  It's been that long because of her lower back/knee issue and the heat this summer.  In our old age, neither one of us tolerates temperatures much above 75F.

The Boss wanted to keep it short so as to take it easy on her back  Take it slow and see how things go.

The horses weren't too bad.  They were a bit like the first ride in the spring.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Virginia Visit

 This last Sunday we returned from a trip to northern Virginia. Never been there before. Beautiful countryside and full of Trump signs.  I was a bit surprised by the signs because the state government is Democrat controlled.

We went to help our granddaughter and family move to King George, Virginia. Her hubby was recently discharged from the airforce where he was an explosive Tec. The only civilian job readily available was basically the same position with a civilian contractor doing the same thing.  Good money, but deployments to other countries 6 months at a time.

Instead of coming right home we spent 6 days at the base of the blue ridge mountains.  Other than visiting historical places, we just hung out and enjoyed the scenery.

I might be getting paranoid in my old age, or just more informed and cautious. I usually travel with a carry gun and 1 spare magazine. This time I had 2 carry guns, 1 extra Mag for each and my Keltec Sub2000 with two 30 round magazines. Thankfully there was no need for any of that as we avoided all big cities.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Beware of Cheap 1911

For the last couple of weeks my granddaughter and family have been living with the Boss and me as they prepare to move to Virginia.  The move is not really wanted, but required for employment.  Little by little their stuff was packed.

There is a small dirt pile at their old place used as a backstop for shooting handguns.  Several days ago we took some time to fire a few rounds of 45acp.  The husband has an almost new 1911.  With his 230 grain practice ammunition and my hand loaded 185 grain hollow points he was hitting about 2-1/2 inches left at about 15 yards. I got the same results when I fired his 1911.  We drifted the rear sight with a tack hammer and wooden dowel as best as we could, but not far enough to make much difference.  We got it almost to the edge of the dovetail cut, and it still hits about 2 inches left. 

I own four 1911 pistols chambered in 45acp. Two are Llama and 2 are Kimber. I've never needed to adjust the sights on any of them. 

The other thing of note is group size.  Shooting both types of ammo through his gun, my hand loads were much more consistent.  His 230 grain ball ammo grouped at about 8 inches while my hand loads were at about 1-1/2 inch.  Even my oldest Llama, which isn't tight at all, can match that grouping with my ammo.