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Friday, November 27, 2015

Finally Some Range Time

Finally made it to the range today for a couple hours before tackling the home chores.

Once again it was proven that handgun skills are the first to degrade.  Didn't bring any of my hunting revolvers but did run 100 rounds through the Kimber 45.  Two hand and strong hand only came back fairly quick, but not weak hand only.  Had some issues at 25 yards with my left hand.

Sighted in the new LER scope on the ishapore using Milsurp 7.62x51 ammunition.  The variable power Nikon with 308 bullet drop aiming points works with military ammunition, at least at 200 yards.  Then everything went to hell.  The first indication was holes in the target about 3 inches high at 100 yards.  Crap!! One of the scope mount screws stripped.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Stupid Americans

The jihadists have been at war with us for decades, and the Dems still won't acknowledge the fact.  Instead they use the carnage to try and increase government control over all our lives.  They seem to think that government is the solution to everything they see as wrong in society, when government is the problem.  I pray that changes before long, or our society will collapse with our liberties.

Also if this country doesn't grow some spine we'll be destroyed by jihadists.

The question is, will we destroy ourselves or allow others to destroy us?

It appears as if about half the population is stupid enough to not realize what is happening.  After all, Obama was elected twice.


Nobody asked, but I'll answer anyway.
I'm most thankful for the angel on earth that is my wife.  Through the good the bad and regardless of my mood, she's my supporting rock.  I'm a better man because of her eternal love.

To say we beat the odds is an understatement.  I was 20 and in college and she just turned 17 and 3 months pregnant when we married.  That was more than 44 years ago.  She's definitely an angel for putting up with me all that time.  What an incredible journey it's been, and hoping there's much more to come.

Monday, November 23, 2015

The More The Better

Some years ago the Boss decided to get her concealed carry license.  She bought a weapon and means to carry, but never took the required training to become licensed.

It may have something to do with recent events, because now she's carrying.  She carried at the holiday horse parade we attended over the weekend.  Due to occasional allergy related vision issues, she wants her weapon to have a laser.  No problem lover.  Will do.

A First

Granddaughter and friend took 2 horses and participated in a holiday horse parade Saturday night.  They rode Toby and Rowan, both decorated with LED lights.  This was a first for both riders and horses.  Other than some nervous issues before the parade started, all did fine.  Neither horse likes to stand still once saddled.

The Boss called to the granddaughter when they went by us, and Rowan acted up a little.  Rowan is the Bosses horse and may have tried to turn around and go to her. That was the only difficulty I observed during the parade.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Radical ?, Not so Much

I totally disagree.  They are NOT radical islamists.  They are following the words of their profit as written in their "holy" text, in that we must convert, submit, or be killed.

I submit that the rest of those of that religion are the extremists.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Horse & I

My sister has been visiting from Florida these past few weeks, so I haven't been posting much as of late. 

Last weekend 3 of us went riding, and a wonderful ride it was . . . . until it wasn't.  Grandaughter, Boss and I were really enjoying our time on horseback until we came to a creek crossing.  When the undercut bank gave way, Gigi and I almost fell on our side, but she regained balance and I managed to stay in the saddle.  The bad part is that it scared her to death, and so the other 2 horses as well.  The horses went home on their own, and we walked.

Today the Boss and I attempted to go riding again, but it didn't go so well.  Apparently Gigi remembered last week and refused to go up the road past the barking dogs.  I tried twice and finally she bucked a bit.  So back to the barn we went for some ground work.  My riding skills have apparently improved a little since she didn't throw me off.

If not scared, Gigi is a wonderful and gentle ride.  I need to introduce her to new experiences in smaller steps.