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Saturday, December 7, 2019

And Again

So the Boss is having another surgery, though relatively minor.  The goal is to free up a tendon in her foot, thus reducing or eliminating pain.  That's surgery number 4 this year.

Good Days

So I had 2 good days in a row. 

Friday at the range there were only 2 others there and one was a cop. We had nice conversations as we threw various calibers of lead down range.  In handguns I shot 22lr, 9mm, and 45acp.  I also shot a 9mm carbine and my AR.  My handguns once again showed my lack of recent practice.

Today I went riding for the first time in months and just number 4 this calendar year.  So I went with a riding friend who was on a very green trail horse.  My horse can be a little feisty so I was on her other, dead broke trail horse that had only been ridden once this year. The idea is to have one very calm horse settle the green horse down. It took about 15 minutes, but the new horse and I partnered quite well.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Vaccines :-(

Sometime last winter I got shingles on the total of one side of my face.  Quite miserable.  Late spring or early summer I got the first of 2 vaccine injections.  That night I thought my head was on fire.  I slept in a recliner with a fan blowing directly on my face, in order to sleep.  The next day all was good.

Wednesday I got the second and final vaccine injection.  That night at 4AM I woke to my whole body shivering and sweat. That lasted 3 or 4 hours.  When I got up around 7, I could barely walk because of the shaking.  Better now but fatigued and chilled.

I seem to have isues with vaccines. The 2 times I got flu shots, I also got sick.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Fun this Friday & Saturday

Going to the range Friday with my new chronograph.  Wounded the last one.  Want to make sure it functions.

The other thing is with a relatively new shooter. Our horse riding friend bought a semi-auto hand gun which she doesn't know how to operate. I always enjoy working with those new to guns.

Then Saturday we'll be trail riding on our horses.  The Boss won't be going. Still recovering from her spine surgery.

Haven't been able to ride or shoot much this year.  This weekend will be refreshing.

That's Cool

It's reported that there were enough background checks on black Friday to arm the US marines.
The Boss said that any attempt to disarm the population will be problematic.

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Spilled Over

Our crappy year has spilled over to my sister visiting from down south.  Her daughter checked on her empty house and found a mess apparently created by a rat infestation.  Her granddaughter was involved in a roll over car accident and now my sister struck a deer. She took the deer square in the grill so she's without a vehicle for a couple of weeks.  Oh, and I almost forgot, during her visit last spring, she fell and broke a bone in her hand.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Not Home

Every day for a week I've driven the Boss to the hospital so we could sit around hoping her sister would wake up.  The Docs say her sister has no upper level brain function, to go with kidney and liver issues.  All medications were discontinued 2 days ago, and then the vent removed this morning. She's breathing on her own, shallow and inconsistent. No one knows how long her body will hang on, but we're all sure she isn't there any more.

I hate it when the Boss cries.  When she cries, I cry.

Update . . . . . . . . . 11/16
Her body didn't make it 24 hours.  Yesterday the Boss was in bad shape all day.  She didn't want anyone around her, not even me.  She was breaking my heart.  Today she's much better, almost as if nothing has happened. 

The service is this Monday.  I expect her emotions to hit another low. She's the only one left from her small family of 4.