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Thursday, March 23, 2017


I have a friend who has worked as an IT guy for many years.  And for many years I've accused him and his fellows of creating their own work.  Every time they mess with something, they create another something to be fixed later.  I've joked with mechanics about doing the same thing.

This is no joke.  Completely serious.  Every time government supposedly fixes something that mostly doesn't need fixing, it creates even more stuff to fix.  Several years ago a co-worker complained about gridlock.  I never complained.  If they do absolutely nothing, then nothing gets screwed up.  I would be happy if government only protected the country and nothing else.  Today they're doing just the opposite.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Riding Today

Well today I got my horse through the open field.  She was nervous the whole way, but we made it.  Got on a trail through the woods and came upon a fallen tree, a small tree.  It was only about 10 inches tall, but she refused to step over it.

Heading back out, she got spooky again.  I did learn something though.  She goes ballistic after I get into her mouth a bit to slow her down.  So I got looking at her bridle.  The curb chain is too loose.  The shank will rotate 90 degrees before the curb chain takes effect, allowing the bit to pinch, and in this case squeeze down on her tongue.  The other bit I used would gouge the roof of her mouth.  So as long as she's relaxed, and I'm not putting pressure on the reins, she behaves great.  If I need to correct her very much, she goes nuts.

So I plan to work her in the pasture with the curb chain adjusted tighter, and if that doesn't improve things, then I'll switch to a solid shank bit.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Flash Back

Been designing a specialized drive system at work the past few weeks.  A single motor driving a right angle reducer into a special gear box, then 2 drive shafts driving 2 more special set of gears.  Each of the special gear boxes drives a timing belt.  The intent is to rotate 3 ACME screws at the same speed and direction. 

Naturally I'm dealing with limited space and other than 90 degree turns, that's why the special gear boxes.

It's been maybe 20 years since I did any gearing.  Thankfully some of it has come back into my old mind.

One of the best things about my present employment, is the variety.  Despite that, I've been looking forward to retirement lately.  There's a lot of things I want to be doing other than going to work 5 days a week.

Short Ride

The Boss and I went for a short ride Sunday.  It was very short because her horse refused to go through a mud hole on the trail, and mine refused to cross an open field.  Other than that it was nice to ride.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Getting Better

Today, for the first time since the injury, I noticed a significant improvement of my Achilles tendon.  I didn't realize it until I reached the bottom of the stairs that I walked down normally and with no discomfort.  And there was no discomfort this afternoon after therapy this morning.

The bad news is that my only original hip is starting to hurt.  Another hip replacement appears to be in my future.  I wonder if compensating for the right leg is accelerating the left hip going down hill.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bad Joints

The Boss went to the orthopedist the other day because her knee, replaced last spring, has been giving her trouble.  She saw the Doc the same day I was in physical therapy.  Now she's going to start therapy the first week of March. Getting old sucks.

My tendon is getting a little better with therapy.  Not a whole lot better, so still got a ways to go.  The more I use it, the more it talks to me.  With therapy, and being carful, it hasn't blown up on me for a while. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Rare Day

Actually made it to the Range Sunday for the first time in . . what seems like forever.  Ran some AR rounds down range at various distances.  My friend said 'not bad old man".

Also worked on sighting the 454 lever gun.  Got it close, but not finished yet. 

Rode with my friend, who got a phone call.  He's an IT guy with a local manufacturing company, so we had to leave.

Thought about riding afterward, but my tendon was talking to me.  Thought it was best to rest it, so didn't go.