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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Apple Pie . . . . mmmmmm

Apple Pie air freshener.

In the bathroom at work.

This means that when I run in to pee between clients, I start gagging because it smells like someone took a dump on a freshly-baked apple pie.

This is even worse than pine-scented air freshener. Because sometimes you do poop in the woods, but I hope to God nobody shits on apple pie...it would be un-American!

Lucrative Pain


Every day I get e-mails from Newsmax.
Today I got one that says "Your brain is rusting"
While probably true, how the hell do they know?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Getting Close

Another 2 hours and I'll have the cladding covering the deck framing finished.  Next is the railing.  By the time I get home from work and eat it's almost dark, so I'm now into weekends only.

All the gutters and the bathroom window have been replaced.  The roof over the deck has been constructed.  I paid to get all of that done.

Maybe I'll post some pictures when it's finished.

All work and no play is getting very old.  Haven't ridden the horse we bought 6 weeks ago, and my trigger finger is very itchy.

Sick Dog

Got a voicemail on the cell just as I was leaving work to go home.  The Boss said if she wasn't home she's at the vets.  The nearest vet is on the way, so seeing her car I stopped.  Just as I pulled up she came out of the building carrying the little Sheba Inu.  The dog had the poops, very lethargic and blood tests revealed very poor liver function. 

After we got home she upchucked, revealing a 1 inch long piece of caulk. Later she did it again revealing a few small pieces of caulk.  We had all new gutters installed Saturday, so it appears the dog ate some caulk laying on the ground this morning.  Called the installer for the type of caulk used, then the Boss called the 1-800 poison control number.  And they basically had nothing other than some chemical ingredients.  Being mostly cured, we're hoping the little dog hasn't absorbed too much in the way of chemicals.

As I write this she's now able to stand and she drank some water.  Will she make it through the night?  Will there be permanent liver damage?  Only time will tell.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

This and That

Yeah, I know, haven't posted much of late.  Been busy as all hell.

Been trying to build a deck when I have the time.  The structure is done and the boards installed, so it's useable but the side of the framing isn't covered, nor the railing built.

The crew arrived today and started replacing the gutters.  They'll be back Monday to finish the gutters, install the new bathroom window and build the roof over the deck.

Last weekend was our annual trip to Hell . .. . . Michigan.  Our 2 day, all day continuous play paintball game was great, at least the second day.  The first day was too one sided to be of much fun.  Contrary to popular belief, being on the winning side of a lopsided victory doesn't have much to offer.  I'm a bit concerned about the longevity of that big game.  When I first went there, maybe 12 years ago there were about 1500 players.  There were about 700, I guess, last weekend.

The Boss has schedules another surgery, this time on her left knee.  She's having a scope job to repair the meniscus.  It'll take 8-12 weeks to heal, according to the surgeon.

Been trying to get to the range for weeks, but so far no joy.  I did manage to load up a box of lighter loads for the Rossi lever action 454.  The first time out a pin worked lose causing the bolt to lock up.  I think I fixed that, but only recoil will prove that.

Thought that at my age, life would get more simple and relaxed.  Sure isn't true for me anyway.  Kinda petty huh. Considering the world as a whole is all screwed up.  Evil is spreading through the world with nobody willing to stand against it.  And right here at home, there's not a federal agency worth a shit, and we have the most inept president in my lifetime.  This guy is so bad, I'm beginning to wish for Carter.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Busy Weekend

Took Friday off from work to spend the 3 day weekend working on the deck construction.  Got all the deck boards installed, including the ramp.  This morning I cut the post sleeves to length and covered the posts so they're ready for railing installation. The problem is that I ran out of the correct screws.  Went to the local Lowe's to no avail.  Guess I'll run to Menards before coming home from work tomorrow.

On the way home from Lowe's I stopped by to see the horse Lucy.  Didn't know if the granddaughter had been there recently to clean the stall, and the Boss is out of state.  Lucy was absent.  The granddaughter was on a trail ride with her instructor, the lady we bought the horse from.  They got back from their ride just as I was finished cleaning the stall.  Timing is everything.

There's something wrong with this arrangement.  I'm supplying most of the money, cleaning the stall, and doing none of the riding.

Got another 3 day weekend coming up, but I won't be working to finish the deck.  I'll be in Michigan for a 2 day paintball game at Hell Survivors.  Our annual trip to hell and back.

Originally planned to go to the range today, but didn't make it.  Decided to spenf the late afternoon and evening sitting on my butt.  My feet can use the rest.

Monday, September 15, 2014


He got my attention by talking about engineers and politicians.

engineers SOLVE problems by breaking big problems and big issues into small ones, which can be solved one at a time.  Politicians cannot and will not do that, instead making problems bigger and bigger, while lying (to themselves and others) about how they have the knowledge and experience (and power) to solve the big problems.

And that difference is why I hold politicians in such low esteem.

I must confess that I've made my living by being an engineer for several decades.  Actually since 1975.  And yes my career is close to the end, maybe another 5 or 7 years and I'll retire.

Not only is engineering my profession, it is who I am.  Even my hobbies are technical in nature.

I must confess that I have no understanding of the mind that does not use logic and problem solving techniques on a daily basis.