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Sunday, September 16, 2018

We managed to hit the trail today after about 5 weeks.  Both horses were 'fresh' especially my little mare.  We were about half way through our ride when she finally settled down.  She wasn't squirely the whole time, just spurts of high energy and ignoring what I was telling her.  Despite that we had a nice early morning ride.

I checked out whether the new saddle pad had the desired effect.  Glad to say it did.  There was no evidence that the back of the saddle skirt rubbed on her at all.

After 5 hours at a local festival, and a short ride this morning, my arthritic hip and the Bosses back are sore.

Since I just finished a home project, maybe I can get to the range next weekend.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Nothing Toxic About It

Other than 'gun control', that the communists want badly, I occasionally hear the term 'toxic masculinity'.  What the hell?!  There is absolutely NOTHING TOXIC about being masculine.  I asked the Boss about this and she said the term is absolutely ridiculous.  She recognizes there is a difference between men and women and thinks that's natural and a good thing.

WE think what they call toxic is a result of trying to make boys behave like girls.  Guys, especially young guys, have a natural tendency to compete, sometimes violently.  Making this behavior unacceptable is against nature.  The trick is to channel this nature in a healthy way that allows growth to manhood. 

I once thought that having Mom around was all that was necessary to raise children, that Dad wasn't important.  Over the years, the Boss has changed my mind.  She insists that I played a huge role in our boys growing up to be the good men they are today.  Apparently by being there as an example, our boys learned to be men.  At least the Boss says so.

Having Dad, as a good example, is all too often missing in today's society.  If boys were allowed to be boys and had a good example from Dad, a good portion of our social problems would be solved.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Damn Rain

Last weekend was ruined because of high temperature/humidity.  Now the temperature has dropped to reasonable, but predicted 100% rain all day Sat and Sun.  Guess I'll be skipping trail riding as well as the range again this weekend.  Wish the tropical storms would stay where they belong, in the south.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Too Damned Hot

Was hoping to spend some time in the saddle and/or at the range this weekend.  Too damn hot and humid for me.  Most of the age in the upper 60s and beyond have a need for warmer temperatures to be comfortable.  I'm one of the few that have developed an intolerance for warm temperatures, especially so when combined with humidity.  In fact for me, the ideal room temperature is in the low 60s and I'll wear shorts and a T-shirt.

Friday, August 31, 2018

New Australian Pad

Checked the saddle position tonight.  Clear the shoulder blade and don't extend past the last rib.  With her short back, not much margin for error.  Then looked at how the new saddle pad seemed to work.  I think it's going to work fine.  3/8 inch wool felt with about 1/4 inch felt shims under the bars of the saddle.  It's going to sit higher than the old foam pad, even with my fat butt on her. That raised the saddle up high enough to keep the skirt from putting pressure on her back without being as thick as the typical western pad.

Forgot to readjust the breast collar.  Oh well, can do before the next ride.  Hopefully it'll cool off soon so we won't bake on the trail.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Sore Spot

I've had my little Rocky Mountain mare for 2 years.  What a great little trail horse.  Earlier this summer I noticed a small sore near her spine above her hip bone.  That spot roughly lines up with the back of the saddle skirt.

When I first got her I had a cheap western saddle that when used with a good pad worked for my other horse.  It didn't even come close to fitting the little Rocky, so I purchased an Australian saddle that was adjusted to fit her.  I also bought an Australian pad.  The pad was thin foam with wool cloth on both sides.  The saddle slid all over the place, partially due to my poor riding.

I replaced that pad with one that was also thin foam but with ribbed polymer next to the horse.  No more sliding around, but the sore spot appeared.  The 17 inch Australian is great for me but may be a bit long for my short backed horse.

I now have a wool felt pad that's 3/8 inch thick and has pockets for felt shims that will lift the saddle a bit off her back, or can be used to change the fit.  I don't know if the shims are needed.  The less compressible felt may lift the saddle enough to eliminate the sore.  I'll find out this weekend.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Granddaughter => New Son

Yesterday I held my new great grandson for the very first time.  He's very tiny and only 2 weeks old.
Hard to believe I've gotten this old.