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Monday, July 20, 2015

What She Said

A couple of snippets.

I believe it was Albert Einstein who said- "The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."

 People die because social-control laws do not stop criminals but simply prevent law abiding citizens from protecting themselves and those under their care. 

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Most Stupid

So we had another "workplace" incident.  So trained military are still defenseless when on military property.  Will the most stupid leaders in the world ever wake up and realize we're at war?  Why can't they understand reality, and put their wishfulness on the back burner?

His First AR

Took a newby to the range last Tuesday after work.  Helped him sight in his very first rifle, and an AR no less.  He's a co-op college student I've been working with.

He wimped out when offered to let him try my Super Rdhawk 454, but he did try my lever gun in the same cartridge.  "This is a man's gun" he said.  He also liked my CETME.

Politically he's conservative, leaning libertarian, and only 20 years old. There's hope for the future of this country after all.

Is This Central Florida ??

No riding today.  Just too damn hot for man nor beast.
Been trying to ride horses a little at least once a week, but when temperatures reach 90F with humidity near that number, no thanks.  Went to the barn and cleaned 2 stalls, then left soaking wet with sweat.  It's like breathing hot water out there.  I could kiss he who invented house air conditioning.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Independance Day, National and Personal

I hope all of you had as nice a weekend as I did.

I hope all of you remember that this nation was started by the spark of intended gun confiscation.  I suggest that the same could easily happen again.

I got to the range for the first time in months.  Since we were all celebrating our country's independence, I decided to celebrate my personal independence by exercising my right guaranteed by the second amendment.  I shot rifles the commie left don't even want me to own.  I launched lead down range using not only an AR15, but also a modified SKS and a CETME.  As a bonus I also spent some trigger time with the Hi-Power and my deer hunting gun, the 357 Mag revolver.

Then Sunday the Boss and I spent a couple hours on horseback.  We stayed out of the bug infested brush and rode around the fields.  As usual Rolan, the Bosses horse, had a couple of stubborn incidents.  I've tried to tell him that she is more stubborn than he is, but so far to no avail.

I've mentioned before that Toby, my horse, likes to go fast.  He's now learning to walk behind Rolan without running up his butt.  On the way back to the stable, Toby walked behind Rolan at a comfortable distance without me touching the reins.  I've always had to ride him with a little rein tension, but on that occasion the reins were slack and laying on the saddle horn, not being touched by human hands.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

TWC Sucks

At our last house we got away from Time Warner Cable because their equipment was continually going bad.  We switched to AT&T Uverse.  We got stellar service from them for several years.  Then we moved here, where Uverse is not available.

So for a couple of years now we've been back with TWC for internet, TV and phone.  Until a couple of weeks ago everything was fine, but not now. Any TV channel listed as HD, whether through their HD box or not tends to break up.  Frequently it's so bad that we can't watch the show at all.

So now we're contemplating a change.  The Boss wants to dump all TWC service to our house and get Direct TV for TV and one phone line.  The phone is for her father, and we'll just use our cell phones.  We'll be without internet connection at that time.  The satellite and phone line connections are not nearly fast enough for us, we've been spoiled a little.

She says we'll go back to TWC for internet when a deal becomes available. 

If this happens, I'll be dark as far as posting is concerned, for an unknown time period.  I suspect that won't be very long, because the Boss pays our bills on-line.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

From Our Last Ride

I ride the black & white Walker on the left.  15.4 hands, 1100 pounds.
The Boss rides the red Mountain Horse on the right.  15 hands 825 pounds.  He was quite thin when we got him.  He's put on weight, needs a bit more, and also needs more exercise.

That was a short ride due to the heat and flying insects along the brushy trail.  Took this picture with my phone during a break.  This state park has trail side rest stops for riders.  This one was near old farm buildings surrounded by corn fields.