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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Barn Pet

The Boss closed the deal.  New horse coming Tuesday.
Strong, beefy, affectionate, cooperative, likes people and smooth to ride.
His mannerism is almost like a rather large house pet.

Straight from the stall he wants to go.  Need to keep a tight rein, but controllable. Hope we can reduce some of the out of the block energy.
I need a mounting block to climb on him.

Oh, and we all think he's quite handsome.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Horse Issues

Last August the Boss and I bought a horse, primarily for the granddaughter and secondarily so us oldies could ride.  It started out OK with the only problem being a dancing horse when trying to mount.  Then the mare got so that only the granddaughter could clean her hooves, then not even her.  We started looking for another horse for the Boss.

Two days ago the farrier couldn't trim the hooves because the mare was kicking and rearing.  The Boss and granddaughter has decided to list our mare for sale.  I've also decided to get a vet to look at her.  Maybe the downward trend in behavior is physical, maybe not.  If physical we'll work on that, and maybe, but unlikely, keep her.  Regardless we'll be looking at a gelding later this afternoon.  The longer term goal was to have 2 horses for trail riding.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Stamina Not so Great

The year before last summer the eldest son and I attended 2 days of "tactical shotgun training".  Even with frequent breaks, the summer heat and activities wiped me out.  I was completely done in.  Now a coworker is suggesting that I attend a 3 day training session learning a certain type of gun fighting based on hand to hand martial arts.  The truth is, I am very interested, but 3 consecutive days is just too much for this old man.  I want some more training, but I should stick to 1 or 2 days at a time.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


As I understand the ATF was started because Nanny wanted to keep alcohol away from us children.  When that law was abolished, they needed something to justify their existence, so they've been intruding on our lives more and more ever since.  Their existence as a government entity has long outlived the justification, if there ever was justification.

I recently read that another of the multitudes of corrupt government agencies wants to outlaw wood burning, primarily for heating. They also want to regulate BBQ grills. Once again this has nothing to do with anything but controlling the children.

The weather was actually nice today for a change.  Instead of heading to the range for some much needed trigger time I put a gate on the deck and then visited Lucy for a while.

I started building the deck late last summer, and it's very near completion.  Now that the gate is built and installed, there's not much work left.  I need to plug two 6 inch gaps between post and house, and the deck is finally complete.  The gate and gap plugging is so the Boss can have the dogs with her when sitting out there.

Our horse Lucy, being half Arabian, is energetic.  She's been cooped up a lot recently due to the weather.  Granddaughter has been having issues with her misbehaving.  I think the high energy teenager sets of the high energy in the horse.  So far Lucy behaves OK for me, but I have not tried to ride her.  I put the saddle on her in the stall today.  She kept looking at me with "the look" that only a female can give.  She checked out the girth straps and nudged my arm several times while being saddled.  She doesn't like it when people get on her, but great after that, according to the granddaughter.  In a week or two I'll give it a try.

I've been at my present place of employment for 5 years.  In that time the number of employees has grown from around 250 to something around 325.  They expect to be hiring around 20 more this year.  For the very first time in my 40 year career, I'm working in a company that's actually growing.  That's cool, and I even like working there, though I've been thinking more about retirement lately.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Old Eyes - Bifocals

Years ago I was forced to install a red dot on my hunting revolver.  I couldn't see the deer and the sights at the same time.

The lever gun in 454 I bought last summer came equipped with traditional buckhorn sights.  I could probably hit a deer out to 100 yards, but not farther. Old eyes strike again.  Rossi sells a rail made to the barrel contour that mounts using existing tapped holes for their M92.  So far I haven't found one to purchase.  I intend to mount a small red dot optic where the rear sight now resides, if I ever get the rail.