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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Thursday Off

Every 3 months the Boss gets a couple of injections in her sacrum area.  Apparently past injuries have caused the bones to be slightly out of position, and there is arthritis.  Without the shots she is in constant pain.  She also has a nerve block implant in her lower spine.

Last Thursday I took her for her shots, then took the rest of the day off work.  I took my little mare for a ride of about 2 hours.  I wanted to go farther, but all the mud made the footing treacherous. The weather was cool so she was energetic and a little feisty.  It was a fun ride, but without the Boss.

I suspect that the time will come when the Boss can no longer go on the trail rides.  That will certainly hurt her spirit, because she loves it so much.  She got me hooked on riding the trails, and I enjoy just being with my horse.  I don't plan on quitting even if she eventually has to.


So we will once again have a split legislature.  I generally think that is a good thing because if they can't pass laws, then they aren't screwing up as much.  Historically, I've like gridlock. Generally, what ever the Fed Gov does is bad. In this case it's not so good because Rs have been doing a lot of good, especially the guy in the oval office.  Like his personality or not, the man has done a lot of good, especially reducing how much regulations has held back the economy.  About time we stopped being the door mat for the rest of the world.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


We continue to be invaded by unwelcome people through our southern border.  Even though they break our laws by the way they enter our country, the Dems don't care.  In fact they seem to welcome the law breakers as potential new voters.  I sure as hell don't!  If this continues we won't have a country, and we'll become like the places those people are fleeing from.

Maybe we should create a zone along the border similar to the DMZ in Korea.  Enter at risk of great bodily harm or death.

And while we're at it, cut off all financial aid to any and all countries.  It sure as hell doesn't help the ordinary citizens.

Thursday, October 18, 2018


A few years back we took a trip to Alaska.  The number 1 thing the Boss wanted to do was a float plane trip looking for bears.  The day it was scheduled it was foggy so the plane didn't fly.

The Bosses number 1 thing on this trip was a stern wheeler river boat to an island on the Ohio River to an island with a historic mansion.  The boat was having mechanical difficulties so the trip was refunded.  It was going to take until after we leave before it was ready to run. Bummer.

Tomorrow is thing number 2 on the list.  A river boat luncheon cruise.  Hope that goes well.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Time Away

Had to get away for a little while to hopefully recharge the battery and revive some sanity.  Have driven through West Virginia but never spent any time in this state.  Yep, spending a week in W.V.  It just occurred to me that Volks Wagon (VW) backwards is W.V.

My sister volunteered to take care of our dogs while we're gone.  We miss having the furry critters around, but at the same time there's less hassle when traveling and staying in motel rooms.

And the guy where we board the horses will be giving my mare her 'anti-bitch' shot this time around.

I think everybody needs a little escape from the norm once in a while.

Before leaving the house the Boss wanted to be sure I remembered to bring a gun.  She didn't ask about anything else I might forget.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Some Thoughts

My sister just bought an old & small house nearby.  So she'll be spending more time away from her home in Florida.  That means more work for me.

Just finished a big project for the Boss.

Instead of only working 4 days a week as planned, I'm doing 5 days and need a clone.  Looking foreword to retiring in May.

In the past, on occasion, I actually voted for a Democrat.  Never again.  Emotional, violent, power hungry communists have no business in power of any kind.  They would abolish the constitution and turn this country into Venezuela.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Pussification Continues

Way back in the dark ages, when I first heard about internet blogs I read an essay by Kim Dutoit called Pussification of the American Male.  It was quite an essay, and hit the nail squarely on the head.  He now has a post on a very similar subject called Exclusive.  Unfortunate for our society, this pussification has invaded our military like a cancer.  Our country is going to hell partly because men have become an endangered species.