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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Took the new toy to the range Sunday.  Brought along some 454 ammo loaded just shy of 1600 F/S out of my revolver with 300 grain Hornady XTP-Mag bullets.  My first shot at a weed on the 100 yard bank was a direct hit.  Fired maybe half a dozen while standing there and began falling in love with the Rossi lever action.

I then set up the chronograph.  Three rounds ran about 2250 F/S with the 300 grain bullet.  That's right there with 300 grain 45-70 factory ammo.

Just to see if it will function with 45 Colt, I loaded 3 rounds and fired those with no problem at all.

I then loaded 2more 454 cartridges in the magazine and fired the first one, but not the second.  The action locked up.  The lever moved a little, but the bolt was, and still is, locked tight.  According to the Hornady manual, that load is not maximum, and my chronograph verifies that.

After I got home, examination revealed a round hole in the right side of the receiver where it appears a pin used to be.  It appears a pin broke.  So why?  My ammo is not loaded to maximum pressure.  Could the slightly shorter 45 Colt have left something that caused the 454 pressure to increase?  Could it be a faulty part?  Or will this rifle only tolerate much lighter loads?

Damn.  A brand new shiny toy and I broke it.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Toy Coming

I guess a 16 inch lever action in 454 Casull is a no go for me.  None of the 5 relatively local gun shops can get one.  They can be found listed on the 'net, but when contacted the seller doesn't have one.  So I have a 20 inch barreled blue steel rifle coming my way.  I ordered it through a local dealer instead of using the 'net and transferring through the FFL.  I'm paying a few more bucks than absolutely necessary, but I like to support the local establishments.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Soon to Pull the Trigger

In a manner of speaking.

During our standard Saturday errand run, I stopped in a gun shop to look at toys while the Boss was in another store.  The Boss asked why, the silly woman.  Told her I was looking for a lever action in 454 Casull.  Again she asked why.  Because I don't have a lever action, and I can share ammo with the big revolver.  She then became quiet.

Later she asked if they didn't have what I wanted, and true they did not.  Apparently their distributor only had the stainless 20 in barrel version, which would cost me $701 plus tax.  I think I will like one with the 16 inch barrel better.

Today, at lunch I visited a small shop close to where I work.  They can get me a 20 inch blued rifle for $650 out the door, tax included.  The lady is checking a GunBroker advertised stainless 16 inch gun for me.  New in box?  Shipping cost?  Is it a Puma?  They tend to come apart with use.  What will my total be after shipping and transfer fee?

So tomorrow I'll be making a decision.  20 inch blue or 16 inch stainless?  Apparently there are no 16 inch blued rifles to be had.

Oh, and the Boss hasn't complained a bit, but she doesn't know the price as yet.

I wonder what my hand loads will do out of a closed 16 or 20 inch barrel?  My Ruger revolver spits 240 grain bullets at 1800 feet/second, and 300 grainers at 1600 feet/second.

Got a Few Minutes?

If so go forth and read Default of a different kind.
I am so jealous.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


I guess a celebration is in order.  I'm just too damn grouchy for any kind of festivities.

We finally got to sign the papers selling the old house.  Why grouchy? 

The house has been empty for 2 years, so we ended up selling for about $30K less than we paid for it, and that doesn't consider the 3 car garage addition.

Thanks to unusual buyer circumstances, and government intrusion it took about 3 months to close the deal.

This has been a hell of a frustrating week at work, with today being the worst.

The state of the world in general and this once great country in particular doesn't help.  Sure wish I could stick my head in the sand and ignore all of it.

The bright side is that we don't have to pay those taxes or take care of the place any more.  And we can now pay off the house where we're now living.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Quote and a Quote

If you need a gun, you obviously have a very small and ineffective penis.

I found the above quote here

When I read it to my wife she said;
The writer obviously has a very small and ineffective brain.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


So why does our wonderfully corrupt government continue to send our hard earned money, stolen from us, to other governments that treat the U.S. like shit?  And to make matters worse, as a country we're broke.

Our asshole controllers haven't considered that eventually they'll not have any more of our money to spend and give away.