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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Fire All of Them

For a while I had a sign on the back of my truck that said "FIRE THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT".
Apparently it's time to put it back.

One Small Part

Removing the magazine disconnect was a piece of cake.  As simple as removing the right side grip panel, and remove one part.  Presto, done.

I field stripped it for cleaning and discovered another thing of interest.  By easily removing one part, there won't be any functional effect other than becoming a fully automatic pistol.  Illegal?  You bet!  Having fired several legally owned sub-guns in the past, I know it would be loads of fun.

Monday, December 31, 2018

From ATI to Star

The friend picked up his ATI this afternoon.  He was as happy as can be.

He dropped off his also used Star 9mm that is almost a 1911 at least cosmetically.  His complaint is the magazine disconnect.  He really hates it. 

He knows, and has fired, my Hi-Power from which I removed that magazine disconnect.  He asked me to do the same for his Star.  I'll probably disassemble it tomorrow and see what, if anything I can do.

Another Year

As this year winds to an end, the Boss and I will be doing our usual . . . nothing.  In our younger days we'd go to a party followed by some bedroom fun.  In our middle years we skipped the parties.  Now that we're older, we're sound asleep before midnight.  Tonight will be the same, especially since the Boss is ill.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Original 1911 Design

A friend/extended family member has an older ATI 1911 that he bought used.  He showed me how it chambered ball ammo without issue but wouldn't chamber flat nosed ammo when using the slide release. He was completely unaware that when the original was designed, only what we call ball ammo was available, so there was no loading ramp.  So even today if an original 1911 design is made, it's absent a loading ramp.

I ran into this issue several years ago with a couple of Llama 1911s I purchased.  I used a small grinding tool and carefully created a loading ramp in the frame and barrel.  They both still don't like some hollow points but they swallow most types of ammo.

I'm now in the process of grinding and polishing a loading ramp in his ATI.  It now feeds flat nose ammo without a problem.  I think it will load Hornady XTP hollow points as well.

Update 12/30
Made it to the range yesterday for actual fire testing.  As expected the flat nose and my reloads with Hornady XTP-HP fired and loaded without flaw. And also as expected the cheap swaged HP bullets don't feed hardly at all. 
What I didn't expect was that his factory loads printed a bit low at 25 yards while my 185 grain reloads printed to the sights, at least for me.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

12/14 Again

As it turns out we buried the Bosses dad 12/14.  Her mother died 12/14.  Her Christmas may never be the same again.

Great-grand-kids running around at a funeral may be rude to some people, but to the Boss and me that was a real stress killer.  They lightened up the mood, especially my one grandson who arrived with a green face.  He'd been the Grinch at school.

Been ignoring the news channels lately.  All the blather is so very insignificant to the recent issues here at home.  May all the evil, lying politicians have their black tongues fall off.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

When She Cries

 Bosses dad was bad enough that hospice got involved and he was moved to the dementia area Tuesday.  That was 2 days ago.  He was there one day, went to sleep, then the Boss got a phone call at 11pm.  The funeral is tomorrow.  I haven't seen the Boss cry as yet.  She might explode tomorrow, then when she cries, so do I.