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Friday, June 26, 2020

44 Special

Several years ago a friend managed to blow up a Super Blackhawk 44 Mag.  The ejector rod & cover was gone and the barrel was split from the frame to the front sight.  He gave it to me because he didn't want to use it anymore.  Through a local FFL I sent it back to Ruger asking for a quote to repair.  Instead of a quote Ruger sent it back to me completely repaired, at no charge.

Since I had a 44 Mag, I naturally purchased a 4" Charter Arms 44 Spl.  With time I determined that the Super Blackhawk wasn't for me.  It just didn't fit my hand, so it went back to the original owner.  That was 10+ years ago. 

Since owning the 44 special I've tried several different bullet and powder combinations, but never settled on any particular load for the revolver.  Yesterday I got to the range for a couple hours and shot groups with 4 different loads.  Two loads each with 240Gr JHP and 215Gr LSWC.  I don't think this revolver will ever have the consistent accuracy as my 357 or 454, so I'm picking one of the loads for each of the bullets and going with it.

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