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Thursday, May 14, 2020

The First Ride

The Bosses first trail ride after major spine surgery last September went rather well. We rode a bit over an hour. The horses behaved quite well considering that was the first outing of the year. The Bosses horse hadn't been ridden in a year, and for my mare it was almost as long. Three deer crossing the road in front of us spooked them, but not too bad.  In short order we were heading back up the road.

It was a short ride, but plenty long enough for all of us.  The horses and riders were all tired, especially the Boss. I could tell the horses were tired because they didn't walk faster heading back to the barn.  The Boss got her gelding to move faster for a short time, but she allowed him to slow back down.  They were a good 20 yards ahead, and my mare didn't speed up as usual.  When not tired she transitions into her racking gate to catch up.

 It will be a while before the Boss has any kind of stamina.  My arthritic left hip has been talking to me as well.

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