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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Three Hours

The Boss and I hit the trails today for the first time in a few weeks.  I'm happy, and a little surprised to say that both horses behaved very well and were a wonderful ride through the fields, woods, up hills, down hills, through mud and the creeks.  We rode non stop for 3 hours, except for a very brief pee stop for this old man. A lot of old men, like me, have that issue. The Boss never left her saddle the whole time.

Near the beginning of our ride we came across someone in a mummy bag sleeping in the middle of the bridle trail.  The horses, seeing something for the first time refused to continue.  It might be something that would eat them you know. We retraced our steps and went a different route.

The weather was beautiful for this time of year.  It was in the low 60s when we started (9:30) and just into the 70s when we finished.

Near the end of our trail ride I noticed myself leaning back in the saddle, groin stretch burning and some pain in my left hip joint.  The groin stretch and leaning back are due to not really being in riding shape, at least not 3 hours worth.  The left hip issue I'm afraid is arthritis.

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