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Monday, March 18, 2024

FN at the Range

 Fired a few full mags of 40 through the FN before setting up a paper target at 25 yards. I wanted to check for point of impact change when switching barrels from 40 to 9mm. I used a 2 hand hold with my strong hand forearm resting on a sand bag.

Shot a 5 shot, 3 inch group with the 40 and then changed to the 9mm barrel. With 9mm I was all over the place with nothing hitting the 20 yard small pistol target. 

I then changed back to the 40 barrel and couldn't hit the paper with it either. It was all over the place.

In both cases using reloads of coated cast bullets. The 9mm is 120Gr that shoots well in my old FEG Hi-Power. The 40 was 180 Gr. The 40 may be loaded a little hot. I'll try again with both after reducing the charge a little.

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