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Saturday, February 3, 2024

Evil/incompetent Fed

 As usual our wonderful government is late and weak in responding to anything. England was the same way and  contributed to the start of WWII by trying to appease Nazi Germany. And since we no longer have a national border, illegals are treated better than citizens and about half the country wants communism (by another name) we aren't far from a violent civil war. Right now there's minimal violence, but we are at war internally. This makes us ripe to be overtaken by a foreign nation, since the invaders are within our borders now.

Relating to the above, my non-gunny son is shopping for a home defense shotgun. Told him I'm fond of my CZ 712 Utility.

On a personal note. 

My PSA number has been increasing for several years. It was 9.7 last test. Statistically that puts me at the top end of the 30% chance of prostate cancer. The MRI last week was clean in some frames and inconclusive in another. My GP is confident no cancer, but is sending me to an urologist as a precaution.

Saturday, January 6, 2024

New Upper?

 A while back I received 3 firearms from my brother-in-laws collection after he passed away. Among the 3 is an AR-15 configured like the original M16. Since I have a custom AR in 5.56, I am considering a different upper in a different cartridge. Right now, the top of the list is the 6.5 Grendel, only because I load 6.5mm bullets for a Mauser.

Any suggestions as to cartridge and brand of upper assembly?

Sunday, December 31, 2023

New Sights

The smith did a good job of modifying the FN. Have now put about 200 rounds of 9mm and 40 through it with no issues. Even the new fiber optic sights were right on at 25 and 50 yards. Naturally there was an elevation adjustment at 50 yards with both ammo.

So I took the slide of my 45 Kimber to him for fiber optic installation and got the same results. 

I now have a new gunsmith for a couple larger projects in the future.


The Bosses eyes are very good now by comparison. She only needs glasses to read. So we now have several magnifying glasses around around the house. As a kid I remember old ladies with glasses hung by chains around the neck. When I suggested this to her I got one of those looks.

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Her Eyes & The Border

 She's now had cataract surgery on both eyes. Her distant vision is good, intermediate fair, and magnified readers required. This is certainly a vast improvement from before. It will take another week or two before her vision will settle. So far so good.

- - - - - - - 

Our border, drug and illegal immigration issue can be fixed quite easily. We should model our borders after that of the Koreans. Let's create a DMZ with manned overlapping zones of fire, and armed drones. Those that enter the area will be fired upon.

Monday, November 20, 2023

Boss's Eye

 The Boss had her first of 2 cataract eye surgeries 5 days ago. The day after she was 20/25 out of an eye that was 20/45 with corrective glasses. For some reason she can't see worth a crap at this time. It doesn't matter if she's wearing her glasses without one lens or no glasses at all.  It's like her brain is having trouble with the sudden improvement of just one eye. In a couple of weeks the Doc will work on the other eye.  Until then, she can't see well enough to drive.

Friday, November 17, 2023

FN Hi-Power continued

 With the new sizing die and modified shell holder, I loaded 100 rounds of 9mm. I shot all 100 through the FN Hi-Power. Replaced the 40 barrel and with a labeled 18.5 pound spring. Absolutely no Issues. 

Right now it's at a local gunsmith to remove the magazine disconnect and block the trigger back, to better fit my small hand. He's also going to replace the front sight with a fiber optic unit.

That will be the end of my gun projects for a few months, because the Boss is having eye surgeries and we're in the process of replacing her old 2008 Mercury Mallon. Being her driver has significantly impacted my opportunity to go to the range.

Saturday, November 4, 2023

FN Ammo Update

 So I received the undersized 9mm sizing die and new shell holder. Ran 100 cases using the new die and a ground down shell holder. Loaded powder and bullets then chamber tested all of them. All 100 fit the chamber correctly. The final test will be to actually shoot that ammo in the FN 40 with the 9mm barrel. So far very promising.

I also received the replacement fiber optic front sight. After the final ammo test I'll be taking it to a smith to replace the sight and eliminate the magazine disconnect. Usually I'd do that myself, but the super tight pin holding the trigger group is problematic. I've hit it using a punch at my maximum comfort level and it doesn't move. Years ago I modified the FEG Hi-Power trigger myself without issue.