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Friday, June 24, 2022

Constitutional Carry at Home

My home state now has constitutional carry, and like when carry licenses were initiated a lot of the mucky mucks of the police organizations are totally against it. (Not and never has been illegal to carry openly)  They're crying about 'blood in the streets'.  Blah . . Blah . . Blah.  Never happened then, doubt it will happen now. 

Makes me wonder if they're afraid that us citizens will make their job irrelevant. 

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Gun Control ?

 So once again to "do something" we're expecting to have additional federal laws concerning ownership of guns. And as in the past these new laws will have absolutely no effect on the illegal use of firearms. But since the Dems and Rinos want a disarmed public that they can control, there will be more restrictions on the lawful.  All tyrannies start with a disarmed population.

Like the last "assault weapon" and magazine capacity laws, I will completely ignore the new federal laws. 

 . . . . . . 

In my state, the governor just signed a bill that makes it easier for school staff to be armed in schools. It's not mandatory, but left up to the individual school system. Both of my sons sons attend schools that have armed staff members, and there is not a sign asking visitors to be unarmed. In fact one school has a sign on the door warning would be bad guys what will happen if someone tries to harm the students.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Worse President

I'm old enough to have lived through the Carter years when I was getting 10% raises but losing buying power.  I think the inflation was something like 13% at the time. At one time I changed jobs and relocated the family to a different state because I was offered a 15% increase.  At about that time this country was in a recession. Sound familiar?

Don't believe the lies coming from DC. The 8+% inflation now being reported is definitely under reported, will go higher, and we do not have a healthy economy. We'll suffer through this until some time after the administration changes.

Until now, Carter was the worse president in my lifetime.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Projects Update

So I messed around with the sub-2000 after installing a red dot sight and a bright chevron front sight. I decided to ditch the red dot and stay with the big, bright front sight.  I can easily see the front sight now and maintaining the thin, folded profile helps keep it a handy pack gun.

I also installed a chevron front sight on the flip up backup sight on the AR. For me anyway, it works well.

So far I haven't retested the little Llama MicroMax 380. After working on the bolt face it seems reliable with one of the 2 magazines, but not the other. I want to try it again to be sure there is a magazine issue.

Finally got the Ishapore modified with a reliable scout scope rail. During scope zeroing, the Magtec 7.62x51 produced a pattern, not a group. Next time out I'll try again after loosening the barrel band. This may end up being a hand loading only rifle.

 - - - - - - - - - 

Got the 5th wheel trailer fixed after the close encounter with a tree stump in January.  After getting it back the main room slide outs worked only intermittently. A loose ground wire on the hydraulic pump was the culprit. This week I checked all functionality and it's good to go.

Friday, April 22, 2022

Hi-Power Comeback

I wasn't always a gun guy. My father occasionally hunted small game and I carried on that tradition, and then expanded to deer.  I think it was 1990 when the Feds put a 10 round limit on magazine capacity. At the time I had a .22 rifle, .410, 20ga pump and a .357mag.  I had no real need or desire for anything else, as a hunter. The Fed passing that law started my journey being a gun guy. I went to a gun show and handled multiple handguns that took magazines that held more than 10 rounds. I bought a FEG Hi-Power because it held 13, and seemed to fit my hand best. I also bought several spare magazines. So screw you government!

To this day, the Hi-Power is my favorite. I've recently read that FN, Springfield and EAA are reintroducing my favorite all time handgun. I've been checking the local shops, but haven't found any. I really want to handle one before I commit to buying.

Over the years the number of guns I own have grown. Sometimes just because the Fed doesn't want me to have them. 

If you lock 2 guns in a dark closet, they are bound to procreate. 

Friday, April 8, 2022

Front Sights

Have become an issue for these old eyes. To help, I recently had XS sights installed on 2 of my carry guns. I like them. I've heard that they're not very good for longer ranges. I disagree.

Taking the general idea farther I decided to invest in front sights for both the Keltec SUB-2000 and the AR. Both now have red dots, but if battery failure, then the irons become necessary. Besides, the irons may be pressed into use if there isn't time to activate the red dot. I purchased a couple of larger front sights, chevron, to make the irons easier for these old eyes. They are now installed, but I haven't had the opportunity to try them at the range.

My SKS has a foreward mounted red dot. I doubt a more visible front sight is available for it.

My CETME has a PA low powered variable with illuminated reticle. So I think it'll be fine.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Brass Check

 We happen to have 3 pistols chambered for the little 380. A Keltek P3AT, Bersa and the Llama Micromax.  I posted earlier about the little Llama.  Anyway, yesterday I noticed a lack of brass for reloading 380, so I looked hard and found some that I can order. Well, if ordering brass, am I short on any others? So I opened the tub to do a quick check.  And found more 380 brass than I thought. So I won't be ordering any.    But . . . . 

Doing a quick inventory showed I'm a bit short on 7mm Mauser brass. I don't shoot that rifle very often, but I sure want more than 20 rounds on hand.