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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

MicroMax 380

A couple decades ago I bought a used Llama 1911 45acp from a coworker.  That was my first 1911. Then I got a new Llama 1911 with a 3.5" barrel as my first carry piece. They were both adequate, but not up to the standards of the 2 Kimbers I now own.  

Before I bought the Kimbers I happen to handle a Llama Micromax 380. I bought it for 2 reasons. It was cute and fit my small hands well. And also it was the baby to the father and mother I already owned.

The little 380 was never reliable. It would fail to feed at least once every magazine. Over the years I let it rest in the safe, until a few months ago.  The rim of the cartridge would get hung up on the extractor. I tried modifying the extractor and then installing a new one to no avail. I was examining it again the other day and saw something odd. Below the extractor, part of the bolt was not machined on that side resulting in a protrusion that might be catching the cartridge head.

I examined my other pistols (6) and non of them had a protrusion like that.  I have now eliminated the protrusion.  I don't yet know if that was the issue or not, but what the hell.  If that fixes it great, if not oh well.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Another Delay

Yesterday I went to the local RV place to pick up our 5th wheel.  I left it there a couple of weeks ago for them to check the brakes and fix a few non-functional items before we leave for a long trip. One part (non-functional) was not available.  The brakes were fine, but they replaced the wheel bearings. 

This trailer has a capture plate that mates with the automatic sliding hitch. It had to be removed to mate with their standard hitches.  When they tried to reinstall the capture plate one of the bolts broke. The bolt and mating part had damaged threads. These are proprietary parts, so who knows when I'll get it back.  Hopefully before we're due to leave.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Cheap Scopes

Last Christmas a friend received a bolt action rifle chambered in 450 Bushmaster, complete with a 3-9X scope.  He wanted it for deer hunting. Because of his work schedule he finally got around to bringing it to my place for laser bore sighting a few weeks ago.  Then this last weekend I went with him to the range to help with getting the scope set.  He is not really a gun guy and never messed with a scope before. 

After some frustration we got it close and left it that way because of trying to minimize ammo usage.  Not only is that stuff expensive, but hard to get as well.

First, the click adjustments were mushy that required knob wiggling to hopefully get it set.  

Then we found, the hard way, that after adjustment something internal would require at least 3 rounds fired before things settled. Sometimes the first round after adjustment didn't change at all. I hope it hangs in there for his deer hunt.

Cheap scopes and recoiling rifles don't get along very well.  Years ago I purchased a cheap scope for my 7mm Mag. It lasted all of 5 rounds before the internals shook lose.

If he's not comfortable with using his new rifle, I'll let him use my lever action 454 Casull, and I'll carry my revolver in 357 Mag. I've taken many white tails with that old Ruger.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Ever Wonder

Ever wonder about the 30+% in the polls that approve of the job that Biden, and therefore the monster  government, is doing?  What in the hell are they thinking? I can only conclude they are socialists/communists or just stupid, as are Biden & all.

Friday, November 19, 2021

First Trip

 This last weekend was our first trip with the 5th wheel trailer. It was just 3 days, but enjoyable, except for the drive there. Encountered gusty cross winds, construction causing single lane on the interstate, and then a wreck had us stopped for a long time. We were stationary so long that I got the dogs out and went for a walk.

Hitching and unhitching the trailer from the truck was an issue that will take some practice. It's an automatic slider hitch that is more alignment and elevation touchy than I thought.

Our next trip will be a lot longer and across some mountains. Will need to get the brakes checked, truck and trailer.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

On The Home Front

 Since I can't do anything about the a-holes now running the Fed government, a few words on other more personal matters.

I repositioned the front sight on the 1911 and applied a drop of loktite . Fired about 20 rounds and it seems to be holding.

Got the CETME running with installing oversized rollers. It functions well with actual milsurp ammo (still have 600) but civilian brass sticks in the chamber requiring manual ejection. The very old 3-9 scope died  so I installed  PA 1-6 as a replacement. I'm now a fan. I may put one on my AR replacing the red dot.

Finally got the little PM9 back with the express sight installed. Dotting the i works well for me, far better than the 3 dot system that's so popular. The front sight really pops. It's not a target sight, but for me still better than minute of head at 25 yards. I think they're great for a defensive carry gun.

Been spending a lot of time fixing a bunch of little things on the used Montana 5th wheel we recently bought. Been tightening and replacing screws, filling holes to repel bugs, topping off hydraulic oil, checking everything for function, etc.  Once the Boss has the interior loaded to her liking, we'll take a short trip.

Friday, September 17, 2021

44% Idiots

I just read that a recent poll puts Biden's general approval at 44%.  My initial reaction is how in hell can 44% of this country approve of his idiotic policies. Everything he does is bad for the republic.  The worst president in my lifetime. 

The poll included more socialists/democrats than republicans, which might explain the 44%.

 - - - - - - - 

Snuck of to the range yesterday for a couple hours of trigger time with handguns. Shot some 9mm, 45acp, 357Mag, and 454Casull.  Part way through shooting the Kimber 45 I noticed I was hitting significantly to the right at 25 and 50 yards. At first I thought it was me and tried to correct myself, but to no avail. Then I found the front sight had drifted to the left. I've never had a sight move like that.