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Friday, June 11, 2021

A Cheer for Texas

 As dictated in the Constitution, the federal government has very little authority.  Unless specifically stated, all other authority lies with the states and the people. For most of my life, as I recall, the federal government has overstepped it's authority, and of late has failed to do its job.  Since the Fed. has refused to perform one of its assigned duties, the security of these states, Texas is stepping up.

Every so often the people of Texas considers leaving the union. I wonder if it's about to happen again.  If I lived there I'd be very tempted to vote for leaving the USA.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

5th Wheel Preparation

 We now own a 5th wheel trailer to go with the truck. The extra money spent on the truck was offset by finding a used trailer that satisfied the Boss.

Today the tech connected the coax at the pole and house. One low hanging wire eliminated. 

There are many tasks yet to be completed.

1 - Get the fence moved back 20 feet to make room for the trailer.

2 - This one is new. With the ground saturated the water is backing up the septic leach field. Need to install about 115 feet of french drain to move rain water away from the septic system before installing gravel.

3 - Dig out sod and replace with gravel where the trailer will be parked.

4 - Elevate the house power line a few feet and install an external 50 amp source for the trailer.

5 - Install 5th wheel hitch on the truck. On back order.

In todays world, all the above is going to take a while. Hopefully it'll be done by September.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Found a Truck

So I found a truck. The last time I shopped for a truck was 2007.  Back then I went to a local dealer and the sales guy found what I wanted then transferred it. When I talked to him this time all he could say was good luck. Anyone having inventory was not transferring anything.  Demand being higher than supply.

Not wanting anything with a black interior, black or white exterior, and a diesel engine also restricts the availability.  I finally found something acceptable about 45 minutes away. Iconic silver with a gray interior F250SD. Was hoping for blue or red, but no luck in this part of the country.  Took it for a test drive yesterday, and to my surprise the Boss found the seat to be good despite her back issues. I haven't driven a full size pickup since before I bought the Nissan Frontier in 2007.  It sure seemed large, and powerful. It's rated at 450Hp and 900+ ft-lbs of torque. Amazingly it should have fuel efficiency similar to the V6 I've been driving, at least when not loaded.

We'll be getting it late next week after undercoating.  Then it'll be time to get a 5th wheel hitch installed and a tonneau cover for when I'm not towing.

Two guys were here today burying the coax underground so when the tech guy arrives he can hook it up and eliminate the low hanging wire.  That wire would definitely get ripped off the house by the 5th wheel trailer. 

Still need to move the fence back about 15 feet.  I wish the fence guy would at least call me back.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Back Home

Yeah we're back home.  The time we spent in a cabin with no cell service, no internet or TV was actually refreshing. Our larger dog, a husky-shepherd mix didn't find our stay as relaxing. He grows fur between the pads of his paws, making smooth floors an exercise in slipping. He's also very nervous in new environments and won't eat for a couple of days. The area where we stayed was quite unconcerned about wearing a mask. I'd say about 50% of folks didn't don the face covering regardless of the situation.

The Boss wants to do more traveling, with our 2 dogs along.  Finding accommodations that are pet friendly has become problematic.  There is a nice boarding kennel nearby but both dogs need daily medication and the big guy won't eat. Besides they've gotten pricy there. So it appears we're going to get a 'camping' trailer.  But the Boss doesn't camp, and considers Holiday Inn as roughing it. 

So we'll probably buy a 5th wheel travel trailer and a truck to pull it.  The trailer being considered is 34 feet with 3 slide outs, equipped with a kitchen, entertainment center, washer/dryer, and king sized bed. It's also airconditioned, heated and rated down to 0F. It's basically a small house.

At 11,000 pounds empty, my little Nissan Frontier won't come close.  Checking tow ratings on several trucks, and a couple of personal recommendations, I settled on the F250 diesel.  The superior torque will be handy in the mountains. Unfortunately they are a bit hard to find, whether new or used.  That's especially so since I will not have a white or black truck, nor black interior.  We also need seats that fit the Boss and her bad back. Historically Ford products have fit her best, though she's good in my Nissan Frontier. 

We settled on a trailer but right now have no place to park it. I need to re-rout some overhead wiring, move a fence and exchange grass for gravel.  By the time we're ready, I suspect the trailer will be sold, with a very long lead time for another.

This is going to take some time, and a significant amount of money. The money is being transferred from my portfolio, so I suspect we'll find the truck before being ready for the trailer.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Still Back Pain

 The Boss is still having back pain issues. Her knee replacement is doing rather well, but she put off the surgery long enough that it messed up her lower back. She's been in physical therapy for 3 months now. We tried trail riding our horses about a month ago and her new knee went numb and her pack pain got worse. She can barely walk because of her back.

I was going to buy a horse trailer but we're going to wait to see of she will be able to ride. Never considered a trailer before because the horses are next to a state park with 20+ miles of trails.

She would like to get a camping/travel trailer but I want to hold off on that too. To satisfy her I'd also have to get a truck with enough guts to haul it in the mountains. My old Nissan Frontier lacks horsepower  (260) for that. Besides we may have to get a rig to bring a mobility scooter.

. . . . . . .

Next week we're escaping. We rented a cabin without internet or cell service.

Sunday, March 28, 2021


I think Canada has had gun registration for a while. Now it looks like the inevitable confiscation

I've read rumors that the US communists now running this country are pushing the courts to rule that it's OK to enter a persons home and confiscate firearms without a warrant. That would legalize confiscation.

Keep your powder dry 

Friday, March 26, 2021

Dimentia Anyone?

I'm sue they were cherry picked, but after seeing some of the clips from the news conference, it's obvious he's in bad shape mentally. I conclude that he's not actually performing the office of president. He's the person signing things but I bet he's not really making any decisions or determining policy. God help us if we're attacked directly by a foreign power.

I'm confident he was elected due to fraud, but there were still a lot of people who voted for him. So the guy who did more for the people of this country than any other in my lifetime lost. The communists got what they wanted, the ability to destroy everything that has made this a great country. It's happening before our eyes.