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Wednesday, December 7, 2022


Several years ago, and maybe 2,000 rounds, I purchased a CETME. That's a roller delayed blowback battle rifle chambered in 7.62x51 (308). It always had a tendency to damage commercial brass ammunition, but not the milsurp stuff. Then last summer it was failing to eject spent brass. I installed the largest rollers I could find to increase head spacing, which seemed to fix the issue for now. 

Last week I took the CETME to the local smith with spare rollers and new bolt. I think the head spacing may still be too tight, but I'll let the professional do his thing.  He said that it should not have an issue cleanly ejecting commertial brass.

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

The Fall of a Republic

How can so many Ds win congressional positions when something like 75% of the country reportedly thinks we're heading in the wrong direction, with Ds in control?

How can so many vote based on lies and/or emotion without understanding the issues?

Why do most news sources favor just one side by what is aired or omitted?

How can state election officials violate state election laws, and it's OK?

How can a D remain in charge of an election and also be one of the candidates?

Seems we're on the verge of being a banana republic.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

454 Red Dot

The red dot that worked well on the AR but failed quickly on the 454 lever action has what I consider to be a weak design in the battery compartment. The 3 dimples in the bottom were slightly flattened, maybe due to the recoil. The rectangular rubber ring that I assume is to act as a spring, failed to keep the battery in contact. I put a small dot of solder on the bottom, and it's now functional, though probably only on very light recoiling firearms.

The 454 now has an Ultradot with what I consider a superior battery contact design. Still has the 3 dimples on the bottom, but a better spring to maintain contact. Time will tell if it withstands the recoil.

My AR and Cetme both have PA 1-6X scopes with illuminated, when required, reticles. Sure would like to have the same type on the 454, but with an 8 inch eye relief. So far haven't found one that is slim enough to mount on a top ejecting lever action. 

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Finally Scratched the Itch

 Recovery after hip replacement a month ago has finally gotten to the place where I can get around with a cane, though not very far. Before surgery I mounted a 1-6x scope on the AR and a red dot on the lever action 454. Today I drove to the eldest son's house for some trigger time. He did the walking for me to the target stand and manned the spotting scope. 

Zeroed the AR at 100 yards without any issue at all.

The lever gun was somewhat problematic. I need to run groups with the 300gr bullet and compare to the 240gr that I normally shoot in the revolver, and used today. The faster burning powder I load behind the 240gr may be somewhat erratic in the longer barrel, or it could be a twist rate issue. Just theory to be explored. 

It sure felt good to be out for the afternoon fixing my itchy trigger finger. Couldn't happen without his help. Much appreciated.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

New Hip

 It's been a little over a week since the Doc removed the bone of my left hip joint and replaced it with metal and plastic. To be precise, that hip joint is now titanium and cross linked UHMW (ultra high molecular weight polyethaline.

For the next month or 2 I'm a cripple trying to rehab the soft tissue damage. That sucks.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

More Gun Stuff

From a while back -

The little red dot sight on the 454 lever action died. Changing the battery allowed 1 shot. Putting the old one back in also allowed 1 shot. So I'm taking the Sightron off the AR to put on the lever gun.

The old Sightron has been on the AR for years with zero issues. One squeeze of the trigger on the 454 lever gun and it went belly up. It's been replaced with an Ultradot and so far only bore sighted. Time will tell.

The little red dot on the 30 carbine looks kinda weird, but functions well for these old eyes. Got it zeroed at 50 yards.

Put a PA 1-6x on the AR. The same model as on the Cetme. Right now it's zeroed at 50 yards, until I can get to the range again.

Cleaned a bunch of brass for future reloading. Gonna need something to do, sitting at a bench, while recovering from hip replacement surgery.

Monday, August 29, 2022

Oil War - Inflation

From this article

 "You've been lied to by the President and his allies, but I want to set the record straight. 

There is enough recoverable crude oil within the continental U.S. to supply current and projected future demand for 400+ years, and that's just the oil we know about! It doesn't account for future discoveries.

The domestic oil industry currently cannot satisfy domestic demand due to oil drilling restrictions imposed by the federal government.

Right now, domestic oil is scarce, and the price of everything is high because of these restrictions imposed by the federal government.

We import foreign oil . . . their production methods are far more damaging to the environment than in North America.

It's the Biden administration's fault, because it is suppressing the domestic oil industry for political gain.

And I hear that the refineries are close to maxed out because no one wants to invest, long term, in an industry that's being targeted by the government.