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Friday, September 17, 2021

44% Idiots

I just read that a recent poll puts Biden's general approval at 44%.  My initial reaction is how in hell can 44% of this country approve of his idiotic policies. Everything he does is bad for the republic.  The worst president in my lifetime. 

The poll included more socialists/democrats than republicans, which might explain the 44%.

 - - - - - - - 

Snuck of to the range yesterday for a couple hours of trigger time with handguns. Shot some 9mm, 45acp, 357Mag, and 454Casull.  Part way through shooting the Kimber 45 I noticed I was hitting significantly to the right at 25 and 50 yards. At first I thought it was me and tried to correct myself, but to no avail. Then I found the front sight had drifted to the left. I've never had a sight move like that.

Sunday, August 22, 2021

So I Drove

the F250 diesel about 9 hours across the small eastern mountains to attend great-grandson's birthday celebration. Rather flat interstate driving resulted in 26mpg with 19mpg average. The truck was only loaded with the Boss, 2 dogs and luggage. She doesn't like traveling with the dogs in the back seat of her car scratching the leather and spreading fur. Yet to be determined how well it does with pulling a 12,000 pound trailer.

 - - - - - - - - 

I haven't been so disgusted with the federal government since the Carter years. Hopefully this republic can survive the stupidity without shedding blood. If not, so be it.

Saturday, August 7, 2021

In A Funk

 Haven't had much interest in blogging lately. Our continued movement down the road to Marxism has put me in a funk. It's in the news every day. All that is needed is to connect the dots.

I've spent a little time messing with my old firearms, but mostly in the airconditioned armory. Been way too hot for this old man outside.

On the up side, the excavator did his thing earlier this week, followed by the fence guys. So now the parking space and truck are ready for the new/used 5th wheel camper. Several weeks ago I called the trailer place to see if there was any progress on a couple of requests I want completed before bringing it home. The woman on the phone was to check and then get back with me. So far nothing. I suppose I'll have to go there in person to get anything done. Will have to schedule it between the Boss's appointments.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

This and That

The 2020 F250 I bought is actually rated at 475Hp, 1,000ft-lbs torque and a 15,000lb trailer. The ratings previously posted were for a 2018. Surprising, to me anyway, is that I've been getting 19mph on the interstate and 17mph short runs. That's about the same as I got with the old 260hp V6 in the 2007 Nissan Frontier. That's the good news, the bad is the cost of diesel fuel.

Today we dropped off the new for me Ford at a shop to install the 5th wheel hitch, tonneau bed cover and a pull down step added to the rear bumper corner.  I'm short, old and stiff. I can't get into the bed when the tail gate is open.

- - - - - - - 

Maybe I've been overloaded lately but the news has been getting more and more disturbing. 

Everything is racist. Even teaching kids about racism has become racist. 

Violent criminals are being arrested and then released, causing an explosion of violent crime.

Supposedly to reduce violence, government wants to eliminate guns, instead of jailing the bad guys.

We're getting over a pandemic but the government is allowing infected people to enter the country. Apparently we're not supposed to have borders. Government is not enforcing the law.

The federal deficit either has or soon will be higher than our GDP. They keep printing and spending money that we don't have. Inflation has started and will soon be kicking our butt. The Carter years will be repeated with something like 15% inflation and little to no economic growth. All bad. 

They want to raise taxes again, reducing growth, and causing corporations to move out of the country. The end result is a reduction in federal revenue.

The Fed is now talking about going door to door to coerce people into getting vaccinated by something that was only approved for emergency use. They can stick their vaccine where the sun don't shine. I'll reconsider if it ever gets full approval.

All they had to do was nothing and all would be good again. 

Time to fire the federal government.

Friday, June 11, 2021

A Cheer for Texas

 As dictated in the Constitution, the federal government has very little authority.  Unless specifically stated, all other authority lies with the states and the people. For most of my life, as I recall, the federal government has overstepped it's authority, and of late has failed to do its job.  Since the Fed. has refused to perform one of its assigned duties, the security of these states, Texas is stepping up.

Every so often the people of Texas considers leaving the union. I wonder if it's about to happen again.  If I lived there I'd be very tempted to vote for leaving the USA.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

5th Wheel Preparation

 We now own a 5th wheel trailer to go with the truck. The extra money spent on the truck was offset by finding a used trailer that satisfied the Boss.

Today the tech connected the coax at the pole and house. One low hanging wire eliminated. 

There are many tasks yet to be completed.

1 - Get the fence moved back 20 feet to make room for the trailer.

2 - This one is new. With the ground saturated the water is backing up the septic leach field. Need to install about 115 feet of french drain to move rain water away from the septic system before installing gravel.

3 - Dig out sod and replace with gravel where the trailer will be parked.

4 - Elevate the house power line a few feet and install an external 50 amp source for the trailer.

5 - Install 5th wheel hitch on the truck. On back order.

In todays world, all the above is going to take a while. Hopefully it'll be done by September.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Found a Truck

So I found a truck. The last time I shopped for a truck was 2007.  Back then I went to a local dealer and the sales guy found what I wanted then transferred it. When I talked to him this time all he could say was good luck. Anyone having inventory was not transferring anything.  Demand being higher than supply.

Not wanting anything with a black interior, black or white exterior, and a diesel engine also restricts the availability.  I finally found something acceptable about 45 minutes away. Iconic silver with a gray interior F250SD. Was hoping for blue or red, but no luck in this part of the country.  Took it for a test drive yesterday, and to my surprise the Boss found the seat to be good despite her back issues. I haven't driven a full size pickup since before I bought the Nissan Frontier in 2007.  It sure seemed large, and powerful. It's rated at 450Hp and 900+ ft-lbs of torque. Amazingly it should have fuel efficiency similar to the V6 I've been driving, at least when not loaded.

We'll be getting it late next week after undercoating.  Then it'll be time to get a 5th wheel hitch installed and a tonneau cover for when I'm not towing.

Two guys were here today burying the coax underground so when the tech guy arrives he can hook it up and eliminate the low hanging wire.  That wire would definitely get ripped off the house by the 5th wheel trailer. 

Still need to move the fence back about 15 feet.  I wish the fence guy would at least call me back.