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Saturday, June 29, 2024

Why Bother?

 Thursday a guy asked if I was going to watch the debate. Why bother watching? We know how each would do,or not do, the job, and there's evidence that one is corrupt. I don't give a damn about personalities, but how the job is performed.

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

40 30 and 9

 So I shot the remaining 40s I loaded using the jacketed loading chart, followed by a box of 1 grain reduced load. Saw a definite increase in consistency with the reduced load pushing the coated 180 grain bullet.

Last night when cleaning the FN I found an issue with the recoil guide rod assembly. The round loop on the end fractured into a heart shape. So were my original loads producing excessive recoil, a flaw in the material, or is the recoil from the 40 too much for that part?  Physically it appears to be the same as used in the 9mm version. Regardless I ordered a replacement and a spare. 

 - - - - - - -

My 30cal carbine is a lot of fun to shoot. Short, light weight and low recoil. So a few weeks ago I loaded a dozen and tried them. They worked just fine. So I reloaded 50 more for additional reliability testing. Of course that requires more shooting :). The only issue is that the long, almost straight walled cartridge is a bit tricky to resize. Regardless of the amount of lube used, the die tends to push some of the brass towards the base creating a small ridge. 

- - - - -- - - 

For the first time ever I bought a used firearm that was not considered a relic. Back before there were such a variety of small 9mm pistols on the market, I bought a Kar PM9. That is the only striker fired pistol I have ever owned. I never shot the PM9 very well, so I was keeping my eye open for a similar sized single action. I'd shot both the Kimber and Sig versions better than the PM9. I was in a local shop for a different reason, and they just so happened to have a used Sig 938 for a couple hundred less that new. So I bought it. In my part of the world both tiny 9s are somewhat rare.

Monday, May 20, 2024

Coated Lead Bullets

About a year ago I started loading coated lead bullets instead of jacketed bullets. I started with .357 and noticed no difference out to 50 yards. The only difference is the bullet, all else the same.

I then loaded coated lead bullets for the 9mm and 45acp. Loading the same as if using jacketed bullets, and again didn't notice any difference.

The FN Hi-Power in .40 is different. When I load the coated lead using an intermediate powder charge from jacket bullet charts, the consistency goes to hell. I'll need to back off the charge. I suspect that's because the 40 is a higher pressure cartridge and the non-jacketed, but coated lead can't handle it.

Monday, April 29, 2024

This & That

 Haven't had the opportunity to again range test the FN with the 2 different barrels. I suspect it takes x number of rounds before the newly installed barrel settles in. If that proves incorrect, I'll try lower velocity loads.

If I was footing the bill for a college student that is among the demonstrators, that student would have to pay his/her way from now on. No more money for school or living expenses. Any that claims 'I am Hamas' has confessed to being a terrorist, and should be prosecuted as such. 

A little over a week ago I hauled the 5th wheel camper, my son and 2 grandsons for a weekend big paintball game. Unfortunately I can't physically play the game anymore. Part of the trip was across I-70 between the Ohio state line and Indianapolis. That stretch was in such bad shape, it was similar the driving across a frozen plowed field. Ended up with a broken band in my left front tire. Tread was on the low side so I now have 4 new tires.

Monday, March 18, 2024

FN at the Range

 Fired a few full mags of 40 through the FN before setting up a paper target at 25 yards. I wanted to check for point of impact change when switching barrels from 40 to 9mm. I used a 2 hand hold with my strong hand forearm resting on a sand bag.

Shot a 5 shot, 3 inch group with the 40 and then changed to the 9mm barrel. With 9mm I was all over the place with nothing hitting the 20 yard small pistol target. 

I then changed back to the 40 barrel and couldn't hit the paper with it either. It was all over the place.

In both cases using reloads of coated cast bullets. The 9mm is 120Gr that shoots well in my old FEG Hi-Power. The 40 was 180 Gr. The 40 may be loaded a little hot. I'll try again with both after reducing the charge a little.

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Been a While

 As I said last time, the prostate MRI was mostly clean but 2 slides were a little hard to tell, thanks to the 2 artificial hip joints. My GP suggested seeing a urologist, just in case. There are several in my area, but mostly booked up. The soonest I could get in to one is May.

- - - - - 

The closing closet thing the Boss started at her church has been keeping her very busy. And by extension me too. Then folks from another church got me to volunteer to help them once a month hauling a trailer full of free food stuff to a needy area in a nearby town. Seems nobody there had a truck rated to haul a trailer that heavy.

 - - - - -

Made it to the range a few times since last posting. Shot mostly handguns, FEG HiPower 9mm, FN HiPower 40 S&W and a Kimber 45acp. The FN is relatively new to me. Used to be my brother-in-laws. Been having some trouble with the FN in that I tend to be left of target at 25 yards.

Been shooting 180 grain bullets at about 1,000 f/s in the FN, as compared to 200 grains in the 45 at about the same velocity. Some say it's the best of both the 9mm and the 45. I'm beginning to think it's the worse of both. It has the snap of the 9mm and the heavier recoil of the 45.

- - - - -

In the November election, Trump will likely lose unless he manages to get a major majority of the votes. If it's at all close, Biden will come away with a victory thanks to all the dirty tricks the Dems play in most all states. 

I recently read a book titled RIGGED. It details the many tricks the Dems pulled, some legal some not, in the last several elections.

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Evil/incompetent Fed

 As usual our wonderful government is late and weak in responding to anything. England was the same way and  contributed to the start of WWII by trying to appease Nazi Germany. And since we no longer have a national border, illegals are treated better than citizens and about half the country wants communism (by another name) we aren't far from a violent civil war. Right now there's minimal violence, but we are at war internally. This makes us ripe to be overtaken by a foreign nation, since the invaders are within our borders now.

Relating to the above, my non-gunny son is shopping for a home defense shotgun. Told him I'm fond of my CZ 712 Utility.

On a personal note. 

My PSA number has been increasing for several years. It was 9.7 last test. Statistically that puts me at the top end of the 30% chance of prostate cancer. The MRI last week was clean in some frames and inconclusive in another. My GP is confident no cancer, but is sending me to an urologist as a precaution.