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Saturday, February 3, 2024

Evil/incompetent Fed

 As usual our wonderful government is late and weak in responding to anything. England was the same way and  contributed to the start of WWII by trying to appease Nazi Germany. And since we no longer have a national border, illegals are treated better than citizens and about half the country wants communism (by another name) we aren't far from a violent civil war. Right now there's minimal violence, but we are at war internally. This makes us ripe to be overtaken by a foreign nation, since the invaders are within our borders now.

Relating to the above, my non-gunny son is shopping for a home defense shotgun. Told him I'm fond of my CZ 712 Utility.

On a personal note. 

My PSA number has been increasing for several years. It was 9.7 last test. Statistically that puts me at the top end of the 30% chance of prostate cancer. The MRI last week was clean in some frames and inconclusive in another. My GP is confident no cancer, but is sending me to an urologist as a precaution.

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