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Saturday, March 4, 2023

Range Disappointment

 A few weeks back I left my CETME with a local gunsmith because of inconsistent empty ejections. He said the chamber flutes were full of carbon, which he cleaned. He also said he fired about 30 rounds (ammo that I left)  without a hitch. A couple days ago, at the range I couldn't get through 1 magazine without several of the same failure using the same factory ammo and the same magazine that was at the gunsmith. I think I'll try messing with the bolt gap before taking it back with complaint.

 - - - - - - 

Been working on a reload recipe for the Ishapore. That's an old Enfield, chambered for 308. After a few rounds the bolt was locked in the closed position. The powder charge was less than maximum. At home, a couple taps with a brass hammer exposed the issue. The case split close to the base, and broke off when the bolt was finally retracted, leaving the rest of the case stuck in the chamber. Gunsmith time.

I have another Enfield in 303 that with the right recipe shoots 1 inch groups at 100 yards. The Enfield bolt locks at the rear so the action is a little springy, and I think the chambers are a little oversized for combat situations. When reloading I need to check for cartridge wall thinning near the base, and neck resize only. Need to do the same for the 308. Should've been doing that already.

Don't have those kinds of issues with the old Mauser based military rifles.

- - - - -

Brought the lever gun in 454 to try a little experiment. I have 2 loads for the revolver, 240 grain (1800f/s) and 300 grain (1600f/s) bullets. Out of the revolver I can't tell any difference in point of impact at 50 yards. From the rifle at 100 yards, the 300 grain bullet hit about 1-1/2 feet lower than the 240 grain bullet. I didn't expect that much of a difference.

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