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Sunday, September 18, 2022

More Gun Stuff

From a while back -

The little red dot sight on the 454 lever action died. Changing the battery allowed 1 shot. Putting the old one back in also allowed 1 shot. So I'm taking the Sightron off the AR to put on the lever gun.

The old Sightron has been on the AR for years with zero issues. One squeeze of the trigger on the 454 lever gun and it went belly up. It's been replaced with an Ultradot and so far only bore sighted. Time will tell.

The little red dot on the 30 carbine looks kinda weird, but functions well for these old eyes. Got it zeroed at 50 yards.

Put a PA 1-6x on the AR. The same model as on the Cetme. Right now it's zeroed at 50 yards, until I can get to the range again.

Cleaned a bunch of brass for future reloading. Gonna need something to do, sitting at a bench, while recovering from hip replacement surgery.

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