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Thursday, June 16, 2022

Gun Control ?

 So once again to "do something" we're expecting to have additional federal laws concerning ownership of guns. And as in the past these new laws will have absolutely no effect on the illegal use of firearms. But since the Dems and Rinos want a disarmed public that they can control, there will be more restrictions on the lawful.  All tyrannies start with a disarmed population.

Like the last "assault weapon" and magazine capacity laws, I will completely ignore the new federal laws. 

 . . . . . . 

In my state, the governor just signed a bill that makes it easier for school staff to be armed in schools. It's not mandatory, but left up to the individual school system. Both of my sons sons attend schools that have armed staff members, and there is not a sign asking visitors to be unarmed. In fact one school has a sign on the door warning would be bad guys what will happen if someone tries to harm the students.

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