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Friday, April 22, 2022

Hi-Power Comeback

I wasn't always a gun guy. My father occasionally hunted small game and I carried on that tradition, and then expanded to deer.  I think it was 1990 when the Feds put a 10 round limit on magazine capacity. At the time I had a .22 rifle, .410, 20ga pump and a .357mag.  I had no real need or desire for anything else, as a hunter. The Fed passing that law started my journey being a gun guy. I went to a gun show and handled multiple handguns that took magazines that held more than 10 rounds. I bought a FEG Hi-Power because it held 13, and seemed to fit my hand best. I also bought several spare magazines. So screw you government!

To this day, the Hi-Power is my favorite. I've recently read that FN, Springfield and EAA are reintroducing my favorite all time handgun. I've been checking the local shops, but haven't found any. I really want to handle one before I commit to buying.

Over the years the number of guns I own have grown. Sometimes just because the Fed doesn't want me to have them. 

If you lock 2 guns in a dark closet, they are bound to procreate. 

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