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Wednesday, December 22, 2021

MicroMax 380

A couple decades ago I bought a used Llama 1911 45acp from a coworker.  That was my first 1911. Then I got a new Llama 1911 with a 3.5" barrel as my first carry piece. They were both adequate, but not up to the standards of the 2 Kimbers I now own.  

Before I bought the Kimbers I happen to handle a Llama Micromax 380. I bought it for 2 reasons. It was cute and fit my small hands well. And also it was the baby to the father and mother I already owned.

The little 380 was never reliable. It would fail to feed at least once every magazine. Over the years I let it rest in the safe, until a few months ago.  The rim of the cartridge would get hung up on the extractor. I tried modifying the extractor and then installing a new one to no avail. I was examining it again the other day and saw something odd. Below the extractor, part of the bolt was not machined on that side resulting in a protrusion that might be catching the cartridge head.

I examined my other pistols (6) and non of them had a protrusion like that.  I have now eliminated the protrusion.  I don't yet know if that was the issue or not, but what the hell.  If that fixes it great, if not oh well.

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