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Thursday, June 10, 2021

5th Wheel Preparation

 We now own a 5th wheel trailer to go with the truck. The extra money spent on the truck was offset by finding a used trailer that satisfied the Boss.

Today the tech connected the coax at the pole and house. One low hanging wire eliminated. 

There are many tasks yet to be completed.

1 - Get the fence moved back 20 feet to make room for the trailer.

2 - This one is new. With the ground saturated the water is backing up the septic leach field. Need to install about 115 feet of french drain to move rain water away from the septic system before installing gravel.

3 - Dig out sod and replace with gravel where the trailer will be parked.

4 - Elevate the house power line a few feet and install an external 50 amp source for the trailer.

5 - Install 5th wheel hitch on the truck. On back order.

In todays world, all the above is going to take a while. Hopefully it'll be done by September.

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