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Monday, April 26, 2021

Still Back Pain

 The Boss is still having back pain issues. Her knee replacement is doing rather well, but she put off the surgery long enough that it messed up her lower back. She's been in physical therapy for 3 months now. We tried trail riding our horses about a month ago and her new knee went numb and her pack pain got worse. She can barely walk because of her back.

I was going to buy a horse trailer but we're going to wait to see of she will be able to ride. Never considered a trailer before because the horses are next to a state park with 20+ miles of trails.

She would like to get a camping/travel trailer but I want to hold off on that too. To satisfy her I'd also have to get a truck with enough guts to haul it in the mountains. My old Nissan Frontier lacks horsepower  (260) for that. Besides we may have to get a rig to bring a mobility scooter.

. . . . . . .

Next week we're escaping. We rented a cabin without internet or cell service.

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